Myanmar in which state

Burma, in which state

The Shan state is a state in Myanmar (Burma), which takes its name from the Shan people, the majority of the ethnic group in the Shan state. There are four main language families in Myanmar: To contribute to poverty reduction in Myanmar. She is investigating a crucial point in the ongoing peace process in Myanmar.

Myanmar's Suu Kyi is addressing the state press in the midst of fear of new freedom.

However, where it once wooed the international newspapers in their campaigns against the general and their state spokespeople, it now keeps them at a distance from independents. She called on the general population of Myanmar to hear formal declarations about the government's actions in a conversation with village residents in CMB on Monday, which was broadcast on Myanmar Radio and Television (MRTV).

"I would like to say: just reading the papers and listening to the messages about MRTV that have been made public by the government," she said, specifically with reference to formal accounts of the government's reaction to the Rakhine War. Officials, such as a Suu Kyi office-based public relations agency, quickly reported ongoing denial during the dispute in leading international press as" counterfeit news" and" counterfeit rape".

"You will always listen (on formal programmes) to what the Rakhine administration is doing for freedom and stability," she said on Monday. Since the end of June, a so-called communication center in Suu Kyi's offices has also been publishing regularly on formal occasions. A epistle said that "hard work, perseverance and harsh decisions" went into the administration of the business community, accusing a slowing of economic expansion and FDI since Suu Kyi took power on former leaders.

Burma's Myint Kyaw, a member of the Myanmar Press Council, said Suu Kyi seems to prefer the state press, which he described as "still in the propoganda phase". Last months invitation to the Rakhine war zone was extended to international journalists, but they were carefully monitored by the police and only had the opportunity to go to a small town where the local people allegedly violated the law.

Suu Kyi's members of the Suu Kyi secret service, wearing black suit and shades, on Monday stopped journalists from asking physical question. A Suu Kyi's spokesperson, Zaw Htay, said in a Tuesday note that he was not available to make a statement. Proponents of free journalism are concerned that the achievements of free expression in Myanmar are being undermined, with at least five journalists arrested in recent fewweek.

India reporter and academician Bidhayak Das, who educated journalists in Myanmar, said Suu Kyi is at risk of endangering her backing among the fast-growing independents emerging since the lifting of the censor in 2012.

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