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Myanmar also wanted to improve relations with Singapore and Malaysia. The study examines an emerging trend for wealthy families, individuals and businesses in Asia to establish foundations to institutionalize their donations. Find Myanmar jobs in Singapore with company reviews and salaries. Book a table at Inle Myanmar, Singapore on TripAdvisor: The Moovit offers you the best routes to the Embassy of the Union of Myanmar by public transport.

Myanmar to Singapore: What's up with the maids trade?

The first time we learned about a 15-year-old Myanmar maid who was looking for help at an animal home in Singapore in 2016, we thought it was an isolated one. However, at the sanctuary we encountered three other young girls from Myanmar who also ran away from their mothers. What made kids work in Singapore?

We discovered a flourishing commerce with minor girl from Myanmar to Singapore in our 2016 film. By 2014, Myanmar had forbidden all women nationals to go abroad to become household help. However, we learnt that in communities across the countryside, the recruitment staff were still talking to poor homes about how their life would be better if they let their children go to Singapore.

In exchange, the operatives received a reduction in the high recruiting charges that the women had to bear. Singaporean law requires household employees in the rich archipelago to be at least 23 years of age. But Myanmar immigration officers are bribing Myanmar officers on a regular basis to change passport data so that they can bring in minor women.

Several of the young women we encountered were hardly out of their teenagers, but with counterfeit documentation they were able to prevent the discovery in Singapore. We were informed that before they left Myanmar, their operatives would tell them not to tell anyone their time. It has been virally released in both Singapore and Myanmar.

During 2017, we learned of a string of events with Myanmar maids who crashed from skyscrapers in Singapore. As we researched, we found that at least two cases concerned young people and found that despite extensive advertising, minor Myanmar women were still arriving in Singapore. For more than six month we have been to Myanmar several visits and found the homes of two young women who had died in the homes of their family.

Wain Wain, the first young woman, passed away less than a months after his arrival in Singapore. The irony is that her neighbors were insisting that the operative who hired Wain Wain wasn't to blame. No. This same conscript had sent at least 60 villagers to Singapore and was considered a "benefactor" who helped to free the fellowship from misery.

One of the village inhabitants who sent two of her girls to Singapore says, "The families let her go because we are impoverished. "Let's say you're a Singaporean company; you can't come directly to us. "I often think of Wain Wain and her enigmatic demise. It is said that she killed herself after only a few short months in Singapore.....

Zin Zin Zin, the second young woman, was just 15 years old when she went to Singapore with high expectations to help her ancestors. One of the people she found was Louis Zung, a member of Myanmar's House of Representatives and creator of a firm named Myanmar Global Manpower Link, the same firm we revealed in 2016, who said he was helping her get a false date of originated.

He did, however, confirm that he stayed until 2016, two years after the prohibition of hiring foreign wives, acting head of the firm. Wain Wain and her enigmatic demise. It is said that she commited suicide in Singapore after only a few sabres. After our father's demise, their intent was to give our mum her own house," Wain Wain's sis said.

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