Myanmar in June

Burma in June

A visit to Burma (Myanmar) in June. Most of the seaside resorts, however, are located near mid-June to prepare for the adverse weather in the coming months. Weather in June can not support outdoor activities through the country, even festivals. Since the seasonal monsoon in Myanmar reaches its peak, heavy rainfall is expected from the end of June to July. The Argus NPK Fertilizers Conference is designed as part of a global campaign for balanced fertilization.

Burma in June/July?

Hello everyone, have read a lot of rewarding information about Myanmar, but it seems to be avoided in the mid-year. All that bothers me is to arrive somewhere and find that most of the hotels are closed for the tourist seasons (as one of the posts at Ngapali Beach said). There are many things taken by those who find it difficult to find a place to stay, or when they do, it is common and costly.

A few contributions from those who can't find a room and sleep in the foyer, although I notice that there are also contributions from travelers who have no problem, although they haven't booked shelter. Any one have any thoughts about Myanmar travel at this time with regards to the main attractions and actions open (I know the balloons are not racing at this time in Bagan ) and are traveling around the land and especially getting around Inle Lake?

I look forward to the June voyage, but need help as the wet season? Myanmar Message Board

My flights from Bangkok were very good, on schedule, great flying. I' m happy you're not going to Mandalay, I' m not so moved. Staying there for 3 consecutive flights, then take a 4/5 overnight trip to Inle and then 1 overnight back to Yangoon before leaving.

There is a circuit that is usually Yangoon-Bagan-Mandalay-Inle, so go this way, otherwise it can be a long journey if you go Yangoon to Inle first. I' ve reserved my tickets with Yu Yu Yu from the Mandalay tour, which helped me a lot with my changes before and during the journey.

Myanmar June 2017 - Myanmar Message Board

June, it's the beginning of the MONSUN. Prefere your position, good for travel to Myanmar like this seasons, Myanmar, even if July is beginning of rainy monsoons here and then you will have marvelous journey in Myanmar. There is a small little dice with a query marks inside.....? not the picture.....

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