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The students were invited to regularly record their feelings and reactions in Burmese during English classes. Corresponding words are droit and lois. We have a similar law in German. Taya and Upade are also available in Burmese. Myanmar volunteers work with their communities on English education projects.


What is right? What is right? What is right? What is right? What is right? What is right? What is right? What is right? What is right?

What is right? So, you got 10 points again?

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Bagan temple, Burma, are some of the most impressive monuments in the world: Lostempplos de Bagan, Burma, son Unias de las Vista volcanoes del Muendo. Daniƫl is our correspondence in Burma, Daniel es nuestro correspondsal en Burmania. Here are the most common expressions with "myanmar".

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What's Myanmar's challenge?

"Isn' the lodging bad?" Accommodation is available in all prices in the touristic areas + Yangon. The cost-benefit ratio is not as good as in Thailand. Inexpensive accommodations are often obsolete and generally not as good as inexpensive accommodations in Thailand. So, yeah, shelter's kind of awful. "Is everybody supportive and friendly?"

99 % of the cases useful and kind..... The majority of locals describe them as the greatest "sight" "Do they even know English?


First, the essential nature (absolute necessity) of the use of the English tongue in promoting the economical growth of a least advanced country like Myanmar must be cleared up and stressed in order to persuade and train those fanatics who are convinced that the intense study of the use of the english tongue by non-English is only a yearning for a remote bird over their own mothers.

For example India and China from BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China), the group of the fastest growing economies in the last one and a half years. To make it a must for their staff, they try their best to learn as much English as possible.

lndia, which had even made English its formal English proficient labour, had such a large English-speaking workforce that large multinationals had been outsourcing some of their work from abroad for some considerable amount of expatriation because of India's renowned craftsmanship, especially in IT. Although the former was still impoverished many years ago, she ensured that every year several thousand of her top international student were sent abroad, especially to English-speaking countries as political scientists to continue their education there.

A major reason for the economical development of both countries is the comprehensive studies of the British language. Myanmar has text books in almost all disciplines except Myanmar, which are formally required for the eighth, ninth and tenth ( "state schools") levels, all of which are taught in Anglophone, not to mention the university. But the last, but completely indisputable fact is that if you are not familiar with British personalities such as U Thant, Ban Ki-moon, Kofi Annan, Boutros Boutros- Ghali and the like, you would never have become the Secretaries-General of the United Nation.

Today, the level of writing in Myanmar is at its low. Their focus will be on the twenty-seventh SEA GAMES, which successfully took place in Myanmar in 2013. During his graduation ceremonies, a dignitaries, perhaps the Secretary of Sport, gave a talk in Myanmar, whose British translations were shown on television at the same time.

Eventually, the translator, who seemed to be quite experienced in English, accidentally used the term half-yearly instead of every two years. Second, KANBAWZA is a well-known Myanmar brand of excellence with large companies such as APPLE in the US and MITSUBISHI in Japan.

Finally, I would like to cite the worst English to Myanmar or Pali sections of Myanmar. It' s in the Naypyidaw Oakpatathanti pit where the 4 Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path of Buddha are transcribed and transcribed into English in Myanmar, Pali. In order to conserve room, I only produce under 3 different languages without the corresponding Myanmar or Pali text.

The Eightfold Precious Trail with eight qualities on which the Holy Nobles rely is the Right Vision, Right Thought, Right Speech, Right Body Action, Right Livelihood, Right Endeavour, Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration. Given that subjective ("path") is unique, it must be either that or that ("that is better"). with is unnecessary because embracing or embracing (verb) does not require reposition.

There are eight features to the Noble Eightfold Path that must be entered by those who wish to achieve enlightenment: Rights Vision, Right Thinking, Right Speech, Right Physical Action, Right Livelihood, Right Striving, Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration. It astounded and saddened me when I found these stupid errors in such a theme and place as the deepest homily of Buddha and a couch that was often visited by innumerable people, among them Myanmar people.

And even the aliens who can only speak a little bit of the language might have been looking down on us when they see the same thing. Dear Readers, I believe you have already realised how desperate our British standards are in Myanmar. My heartfelt prayer is that our great supremacy Daw Aung San Suu Kyi can turn the unsuccessful state of Myanmar into a success in the foreseen time.

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