Myanmar in August

Burma in August

Hello, I'm going to Myanmar in August. It is unlikely to rain in the cool and hot seasons. Rain - June to October is the monsoon season with high rainfall. The month of July continued, with heavy rainfall in many areas of Lower Myanmar. One version of this article appears in print at the Aug.

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I' ve only been to Myanmar last sunday. Since I liked it so much, I'm considering leaving in August. Last fortnight it was insanely warm, so August will be more beautiful. I' ve been to Bago and Golden Rock. I' ve been to Golden Sunrise. They were as beautiful as a residential motel, large room and bath.

That lorry going up is mad, but funny.... I ran down the hill to Kinpun and I was initially said it would take 3h. Me? It took me six-hour! So I took the rail back to Yangon, it was insane! Travelling by rail is one of the best parts of Myanmar!

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July and August will see the monsoons in full bloom, but if you really want to go these months, I wouldn't mind. They usually get some strong showers in the mornings & early afternoon/early evenings & sometimes it can just be raining for several hours without ending.

It' still okay to come here during the fin. For me it is preferable, targets are much calmer, rooms are much less expensive & the monsun certainly has its own charme that the drought can't offer. When you arrive by coach, it can take a few extra hour here and there, sometimes aircraft can be slowed down because of the rains, which is no different in this regard than in any other part of Asia.

The majority of malaria areas in Myanmar are closed along the border with neighbouring states. Only one last thing, it is not absolutely necessary to make reservations during these months in advance, it is low seasons & you have your choice of hotel or guesthouse & flight can be reserved almost exactly for the next morning, but if it is a bit of common sense you are looking for, there are many good agencies here that can organize that for you.

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