Myanmar important places

Burma Important Places

Myanmar Beautiful | Shwedagon Pagoda (Where to Stay) Famous places for tourist attraction! A Buddhist pagoda in the country and an important place of pilgrimage. Myanmar or Burma is a country that can be discovered especially by foreign tourists. The capital Yangon is the most important gateway to Myanmar. It is Myanmar's former capital and still an important centre for Burma's economy, politics, religion and cultural heritage.

Myanmar Beautiful | Myanmar Beautiful

Burma (also known as Burma) is the most sacred land in the word in relation to a large number of Buddha images, Buddha statues and Buddha relic, a large percentage of monks (SaYaTaw) and Myanmar believers in HtayYaWarDa (??????). It' s also an interesting place in the politics because of Aung San Su Kyi, sister of General Aung San, the Myanmar independence dad, who has led and gone a long way for real Myanmar democracies from 1988 until today for the Myanmar population.

Now Myanmar is a democratic state and the regime is changing its policy plans for the nation's economic prosperity and developmen. It' also a land of full biodiversity such as wood, oil, coal, water power, ruby mining and gems. Myanmar has many places to go to, the following places of worship are highly recommendable for foreigners/tourists and guests.

The Yangon Shwedagon is the oldest historic Yangon in Myanmar (Burma) and after more than 2500 years worldwide. Remains of four Buddha: the Kakusandha fountain, the garment of Konagamana, the wand of Kassapa and the hair of Gotama had been preserved. It is 326 ft above the deck and the circumference of the basis of the pit is 1420 ft, the top is coated with 8688 massive golden platters on the basis part and 13153 on the top part of the pit, the top or parasol is decorated with over 5448 jewels and over 2317 rubles, saphires and other gemstones and the top is a single 76-care-timber.

Shwedagon' s most important pagoda celebrations are : The Mahamuni Images, situated in Mandalay, is one of the five portraits of the Buddha during his lifetime. The Kyite Hte Yoe Pagoda is a famous Mon State symbol and is situated on the top of KyiteHteyoe Mountain in the city of Kyite Hto.

This is a 24 foot high marble plateau attached to the gold-covered cliff, 3553 feet above seag. Nyaungshwe in the south state of the River Shaung, the Buddhaung Daw Oo is situated in Inlay Lakes in the Nyaungshwe Townhip. It contains five small gold-plated Buddha pictures coated with golden foil.

The Phaung Daw Oo Magodan FĂȘte: is one of the most prestigious magodan fiestas in Myanmar. This is an 18-day event that starts 14 nights before to 3 nights after the full moon date of Thadingyut according to the Myanmar calendar (approximately between October and November). The four Buddha pictures, which are accommodated in a kingly ship, will be ceremoniously brought to all the towns around the Inlay-See.

The Kyite Kha Mee is situated in the municipality of Kyitekhamee in the state of Mon. The Buddha picture on Siri Lanka's float is said to have been placed here in antiquity after this story of the pagodas. Thanks & Welcome to Myanmar!

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