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For more information about VOA, click here to visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Myanmar. The application must be submitted to the Malaysia Immigration Department, Putrajaya. The Myanmar visa on arrival is legalized and supported by Myanmar Immigration. When you arrive without a visa, immigration officers are obliged to put you on a flight back to your home country. Burma (The Union of).

Visas on your way to Mandalay? - Yangon Message Board

Visas on your way to Mandalay? I am quite lucky to get a Bangkok visas when I need it, I just need to know! Visas on your way to Mandalay? They cannot obtain a visitor's permit upon arriving from the UK. Obtain a visas in your passports from the Myanmar Mission in London, 2.

Visa for British passports are only for corporate travelers. Visum on your Arrive in Mandalay? You' re right - the Yangon is only for Yangon, NOT Mandalay. Visum on your Arrive in Mandalay? DeLihis may be possible, but I don't plan to be there that long, so Bangkok is probably simpler.

Visas on your way to Mandalay? Do you mean that if I request a touristic visas on-line, I can only go to Myanmar in Yangon, not directly to Mandalay? I' m planning a flight from Sofia to Mandalay with a fast 1-hour stopover in Yangon? Visas on your way to Mandalay?

Myanmar can only be entered via Yangon International. No other point of arrival is currently permitted. When you have the visa in your pass, you can travel by road, ocean or plane, and Mandalay is included. There is no trouble if you are travelling from Singapore to Yangon, except that you have no way of getting an intern to Mandalay in one hour and two at a time.

Visas on your way to Mandalay? However, I'm still a little confused when I'm actually going through custom clearance, as I travel with the same carrier from Singapore via Yangon to Mandalay? Visas on your way to Mandalay? Visas on your way to Mandalay?

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