Myanmar Immigration Official website

Burma Immigration Official Website

For an immigrant labour market visa, please visit the Department of State website. Visit the official website of the Ministry of Immigration to apply for your visa. German - ?? - MIMU - Myanmar Information Management Unit.

Department of Labour, Immigration and Population " German. Officials will get a green passport.

On the basis of immigration

Each financial year (October 1 - September 30), approximately 140,000 immigration visa applications are issued to skilled immigrants in accordance with the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). For an immigration labour market related permit, please visit the Department of State website. When you have finished these procedures, read the NVC and the information on this website for further directions and use.

we- WOMAN OF E-VISA FRAUD!!!!! - The Burma Forum

Sent them $260 for 2 per person for emergency, sent them scans of ID cards + photographs, they acknowledged receiving the documents, pledged to mail letter of consent within 1-4 working day, but then got away! In the hope that we could get the visas on our way to Yangon, but we were turned away and forced back by immigration officials right at the frontier.

Check that the website is register under a false name, adress and telephone number. Do NOT use this website for Myanmar e-visa. Utilize the official one of the goverment -, which is very comfortable and fast. Myanmar should take proactive action against such frauds and should eliminate all those sites that cheat with their own country's e-visa.

Please distribute my email to everyone you know to prevent Myanmar e-visa fraud.

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