Myanmar Immigration Office Address

Burma Immigration Office Address

LocationYangon, Myanmar. Read more about Myanmar's customs regulations. in Myanmar. The IMMIGRATION OFFICE address, phone number, e-mail, reviews and photos. Myanmar's Ministry of Immigration and Population manages Myanmar's immigration affairs.

The Myanmar Department of Population, Ministry of Immigration and Population

It summarizes the preliminary results of the 2014 Myanmar Demographics and Residential Survey. The preliminary results show the overall populations by gender and administration units, from nation, state/region, county down to the downship area. You can also see the populations of the towns of Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw as well as the capital of the states and regions.

Further indications are the gender balance and demographic densities.

Myanmar and India argue over Tamu Immigration Service

There is some disorientation about the state of an obvious treaty between the Myanmar and India authorities on the introduction of visas on entry at their shared borders. Whilst the Myanmar authorities appear to be prepared to act, Myanmar is lagging behind. India's Mandalay N N N Nandakumar consulate in Mandalay last weekend informed the Myanmar Times that discussions at working party stage on the creation of a working group on visas at the Tamu crossing point in the Sagaing region.

Busservice requires customs clearance at the frontier, otherwise travelers would have to request a visas at the New Delhi missions. "We are establishing the office on the side of India and asking the Myanmar government to establish the same institutions on their side," he said.

U Myint Oo, Assistant General Manager of the Immigration Department, however, said there may be some delays in the implementation of this agreement. Myanmar, while introducing an e-visas at Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw airport on arrivals, said the introduction of the system in far-flung frontier areas will be a much greater scourge.

"It' not possible to issue a entry visas where the check-point is now. O Sein Oo, General Manager of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Department for Visas, said that no official suggestion had been made from India to set up a visas upon arrivals, although talks on international coach transport were continuing.

"Our division has not yet been solicited, which has an impact on immigration. However, Mr Nandakumar said that the authorisation of the Visa-on-arrival system was indispensable for international coach transport. It is claimed that both countries have reached an agreement to grant a 28-day entrance permit for cross-border coach travellers with a current passport.

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