Myanmar Immigration Office

Burma Immigration Office

LocationYangon, Myanmar. Read more about Myanmar's customs regulations. Myanmar's Ministry of Immigration and Population manages Myanmar's immigration affairs. Website - v - t - e - Myanmar Government - Constitution of Myanmar. Präsident - List - Office of the President.

The Myanmar Department of Population, Ministry of Immigration and Population

It summarizes the preliminary results of the 2014 Myanmar Demographics and Residential Survey. The preliminary results show the overall populations by gender and administration units, from nation, state/region, county down to the downship area. You can also see the populations of the towns of Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw as well as the capital of the states and regions.

Further indications are the gender balance and demographic densities.

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Near Immigration - Review of Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge, Mae Sot, Thailand

As we got a visas cancel downstairs, we went to the gangway area, mostly Burma stores with a large mall next to the gangway. There' s an interesting supermarket under the river where you can find both gene and Myanmar products. Thailand-Myanmar is a very quick frontier crossing-point.

However, the viaduct is not very nice. You' ll be entering a whole new realm when you step into Myawaddy Myanmar. Were you on the Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridg?

Blastings are aimed at the South Dagon INS.

The South Dagon Voivodeship Immunization Department's four detonations last night appear to have been triggered by home-made cannabis shells. This was the third place where similar acts were carried out last weekend after two Yangon stores announced similar atrocities. These detonations began at 1:50 pm, police Major Thein Aung of the No. 2 Commanding Force in Yangon said to the Myanmar Times last night.

At the moment of the explosion the Aliens' Registration Offices were not manned. Shortly after the explosion, policemen were called in to close the area at Pyi Daung Su Street and at 64th Street. Three M150 chemically liquid-filled drinks flasks were found in the lmmigration office's bathroom and one in a trash can, according to Yangon Region Yangon P.D. testimony.

Under the immigrant bureau, U Maung Oo, who operates a store for machinery on the ground, said last night that he didn't see any outsiders coming into or out of the officeing . Said the blasts were like fireworks. "We were very frightened after the blasts because we didn't think we could listen to that kind of sound," he said.

The Yangon Regional Minister for Security and Border Affairs, Colonel Tin Aung Htun, visited the Department of Homeland Security after the explosion, but declined to speak on the current state of affairs or on the question of whether any of the three recent bombing attacks had revealed a suspect. Capt. Ohn Khine, a member of the capital's bombing unit, said all three events will be investigated.

urint Myint Kyaing, Deputy Defense Minister for Labour, Migration and Population, said last night that he was fully conscious of the South Dagon explosion, but had no further information about it. Two similar events that took place at the Yangon stores at the beginning of the months were followed by the explosion.

First was held at the Ocean Super Centre on the intersection of Pyay Road and Taw Win Street in the citieship Mayangone. Two explosions, one in the toilet on the groundfloor and one in the parking lot of the compound, took place around 8:15 pm on November 17, according to The Global New Light of Myanmar.

Four home-made explosive devices also shook the capital hypermarket in the Dawbon township on 20 November. The super-market manager said the loss caused by the explosion was negligible and valued at approximately 180,000 K (US$139), especially for items such as fruit jars that were damaged in the burst. Yangon police said last night that all three events related to similar home-made explosive devices.

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