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More good news for those who want to apply for a visa to the Republic of Myanmar. Sule Pagoda in the center of Yangon, Myanmar. The Myanmar Department of Population, Ministry of Immigration and Population. News/events - News - Events - Blogs - Community - Organisations - People. Show all - Thai ambassador is encouraging Thai-Myanmar cooperation to build capacity for economic growth.

Responding to immigration to tighten the application process

The visa application will be simpler and the charges will be adapted to meet especially local and global requirements, the Immigration Department has made known. Kyaw Myint, Assistant Secretary of the Department of Labour, Immigration and Population, said that people can also request various kinds of multiple-entry visa, among other things for work, welfare, religion and research stays.

"We want to meet internationally accepted stan-dards on visas and charges for the convenience of those who apply to our foreign embassies," he said. "We will lower the cost of visas, which is higher than in other counties, but we can raise some others in line with world practices," said U Kyaw Myint.

Myanmar's international guests now have the opportunity to apply for a three- to twelve-month touristic visas. Myint Kyaing, the Myanmar Times' standing ministerial adviser, said to the Myanmar Times that the charges will be similar to those of other ASEAN states. "The present fee for visas is not significantly different from overseas," said U Aung Myat Kyaw, a travel consultant.

Thet Lwin Toh, Chairman of the Union of Myanmar Travel Association, said charges should be largely consistent with those of similar nations, as well as ASEAN members Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. "We cannot be likened to advanced nations like America and Germany, but should rather agree with Singapore and Thailand, as many of their people come to Myanmar," he said, added that the charges for tourism visas were reduced last year.

"It is very practical for overseas travelers and should be expanded to other countries," he said. Visas are currently available for travelers from 100 different nationalities and for businesses from 51 states.

The Myanmar Immigration Departement is announcing new forms of visas to enter the country

FocusCore supports businesses and private persons entering Myanmar as part of our service offering. More good news for those who want to request a Myanmar Republic visa. Immigration and National Registration Department has acknowledged that new types of permits are now available.

Six extra types of visas and three types of re-entry visas are available. Last year, the Assistant Secretary of the Immigration and Registry Division, Mr U Aung Thiha, announced the introduction of new visas to" assist the economic growth of Myanmar". The topic will be expanded to attract more foreigners to Myanmar.

Visas and re-entry requests have become simpler with the new option of twelve visas and three types of re-entry visas.

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