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Immigration information for Myanmar

Commission de l'immigration et du statut de réfugié du Canada, Myanmar (Birmanie) : Burma Immigration Emergency Provisions Act highlights the main findings. Click here for more information on the Myanmar Immigration Department website. In this way we can easily record your important travel information. New Zealand's aid programme awards scholarships to Myanmar citizens.

Update on migration

With effect from 1 November 2016, the authorities facilitated the FRC withdrawal procedure. There is no longer any need to hand in the Alien Registration Certificate (FRC) to the Immigration Service at Myanmar International Airports when aliens flee the United States. Immigration officers at the airports put the departure stamps on the FRC itself and foreign nationals can keep the FRC.

When the FRC is renewed, the FRC bureau will calculate the number of departure postmarks and calculate 6 USD per period, which will be payable at the same day as the FRC renewals are made. Before this new upgrade, all Myanmar residents with an FRC had to check out of the FRC at the immigration desk and pick it up at the Immigration Department Central Offices in the city of Yangon after re-entry for $6 so that foreign nationals no longer had to go to the Immigration Department Central Org. in the city.

The 6 US dollars will then be paid once a year during the FRC renewals.

IAM-Systems and Information Security

Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population held a three-day workshops on international experience with national identity cards in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar. H.E.U. Thein Swe, Minister of the Union, opened the workshops, which were joined by many senior government officers, among them Permanent Minister of Immigration U Myint Kyaing and Deputy Permanent Secretary U Thaung Zaw.

A number of multinational professionals, such as the University of Washington's Evans School Policy Analysis & Research Group (EPAR), the Inter-American Development Bank (IAD) and academics from Cambodia and Japan, came together to consider their unique experiences with domestic ID schemes and maps. Goverment officers and community professionals participated in extensive discussion and collected information to help organize how Myanmar will deal with birth registration and a nationwide e-ID cardholder system.

"With the help of IT and governance professionals and some global best practice guidelines, we will certainly make great strides in 2017," concluded Sebastian Rohr. Participants of the workshop, among them State Secretary U Myint Kyaing and Deputy State Secretary Thaung "Patrick" Zaw, Pierre Biscaye, Sebastian Rohr and Kenji Yamagami.

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