Myanmar Immigration Form

Burma Immigration Form

Passengers travelling to Myanmar must comply with the important customs regulations for entry and exit. Myanmar Republic Customs Form. Burma Customs Declaration Forms & Immigration Guides. Department of Labor, Immigration. Exit forms for people leaving the country may be on their way out.

Accomplishment of the apartment application

The following conditions must be fulfilled before a foreign national can stay outside a Myanmar hotel: Which is a Form A? Form A is a form filled out in Myanmar that contains fundamental information about the alien, his visas and information about the stay.

Form C is formally requested by the federal authorities and it is our advice to always remain within the law. You must submit these to the following authorities: Once all these documents have been submitted to the relevant authorities, all documents must be returned to the local authority, where the "Form C" is available.

Once a "Form C" has been purchased, Form C can be requested in any Myanmar-order. Each inhabitant of the building is legally obliged to have one, as samples could and have been taken. This form will expire if a passenger is leaving the state for any reasons and must be requested again each change of the immigration seal in the pass.

Arrival / Departure Map & Customs Declaration (2017)

Including photo: Output category : Dokumentart :: Dokument Materials: Country: Language : Default: These files have been spread over AirAsia fligths. Immigration will keep the Arival Cards upon arriving and immediately after immigration there will be a customs check where the passenger declaration form will have to be handed in by the passenger arriving on board your flight.

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Update on Immigration

On December 1, the Immigration Ministry reported that Myanmar's Embassies/Consulates Abroad had already been informed of the rise in tariffs for visas. Immigration's aim is to raise the charges to a level similar to other jurisdictions where the charges are generally higher than in Myanmar.

Increases in charges apply to 12 kinds of visa, without diplomats' visa, which stay free. Foreigners have tightened up their township registrations. Stage 1 - Any foreigner residing in Myanmar must be recorded at the immigration office (Form C/Arrival Report).

When expatriates change addresses, they must re-register Form C with the Township Immigration Office at their new city. 2. stage - "Guest Resident Report" to the relevant station administration. Foreigners who live in a hotel or served apartment will usually have this procedure organized by the facility manager.

In the case of foreigners who live in the homes or flats of privately letors, the foreigner must request or nominate a third person to bid for him or her. If you have any queries, please contact: General ManagerSanta Fe Mobility Service (Myanmar) LimitedMobile: Each year, our immigration authorities handle tens of thousand of visa requests for a variety of multinational corporations.

You can rely on our immigration professionals and immigration brokers to take care of the immigration processes and offer easy coverage and advice on immigration issues.

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