Myanmar Immigration Contact number

Burma Immigration Contact Number

This website is for providing information about Myanmar immigration and customs. Burma's immigration process is relatively straightforward if prepared in good time. The Yangon office manages visa and citizenship services for clients in Myanmar. Address of the Office of the Embassy of the Republic of Myanmar Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. What are the contact details of Myanmar embassies / consulates?

Backpacker tourism through Thailand, Laos and Vietnam brought us together with many of those who were planning to move to Burma (controversially called Myanmar 1989).

Backpacker tourism through Thailand, Laos and Vietnam brought us together with many of those who were planning to move to Burma (controversially called Myanmar 1989). We' ve had some minor problems with the application and receipt of our visa, so let me tell the tale for all the travellers who want to be there.

It is a fairly straightforward procedure that caused less trouble than a Viet Nam passport or entering Laos, but they have much less experience with the tourist industry, as the locks were not opened until 2011. Perhaps our history can help you: Getting an eVisa is the first thing to do. Please do so before booking your trip as there is a non-refundable registration charge of $50.

It is unlikely, but if you refuse your request and you have already reserved a ticket, these are two non-refundable charges you have made. Visit the Immigration Department's website to request your visas. There is a very quick formal recruitment procedure and most applicants receive their applications within 1-3 workdays. Please be sure to review the Myanmar Tourist Visas regulations.

They are quite common; you always need a personal photograph, your personal ID and your personal ID at least 6 month after your real date of arrival (NOT the date of your eVisa application). There is also a shortlist of the 100 states that can obtain a visas.

This is much less than in many other places, so make sure your pass is on the docket! Arrival must be at the chosen international destination, so choose your flight ticket before applying. After we submitted the requests for me and Karin, we immediately received a verification e-mail with the transactional and job ID.

E-mails came so quickly that we thought another one would be sent after permission. This e-mail very quickly said that "you can use your e-mail address to verify the state of your job applications on our website" - not "must" or "should" - but that is the procedure.

When you see your approval/rejection state, you must review every single date by hand and then retrieve the permit doc. There were six and a half working hours before we collapsed to verify our state, which said that the date of authorization was the same date of our request. Wherever you are, it can be an adventurous experience to print a paper!

Please be aware that this is not a student ID card, but only an authorization to apply. Finally, you must go to Immigration and have your ID card validated before you are 100% sure that you will receive a valid INS. No one has said no, but this authorisation is only a move towards your objective, not the end product.

That'?s the cover. There are three strict conditions for obtaining a student ID on arrival: confirmation of connecting flight/return ticket(s). While we bought one outbound ticket because we had been told by others that they were told to do the same, it never came up at the immigration check.

You can buy a one-way street and keep your plan open if you want to be dangerous, but be advised that it is a reason to reject your job and then you will have to get on a flight and return to where you came from. This can be difficult if you come from a foreign state with an entrance permit (e.g. Vietnam), so be careful!

If you are applying for a student visas, you must choose one of three major cities as your point of entrance. Ensure that you are booking a ticket using the same destination as specified in your clearance notice. Before we boarded our AirAsia-powered flights, we had to issue clearance notices. In any case, you will be given custom paperwork during the outing.

Your eVisa authorisation number is the number of your permit described on the form. Keep this sheet of hardcover until you leave the land. We are asking immigration personnel in other places (e.g. Thailand, Singapore) to put it in our passes, but Burma's immigration has not done this for us.

When in Bangkok, you can contact the Myanmar Ambassador directly and apply for a permit (you will need to keep your pass with them for a few days). Although it is a little more work to go in private, with the visas granted by the host country you can, in supplement to immigration from the airports, transcend country boundaries, avoid expensive air fares and get more flexible in your travels.

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