Myanmar Immigration

Burma Immigration

The immigration can be VERY slow. Immigration and Border Protection Department. It is ethnically, linguistically and religiously different from the dominant Buddhist groups in Myanmar. To apply for an immigrant labour market visa, please visit the Department of State website. The Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population publishes a new model contract.

Department of Labour, Immigration and Population " THE BURMA IMMIGRATION EMERGENCY Provisión ACT,1947

3 (1) No foreign national may arrive in the Union of Burma without an immigration authorisation granted by the controller or an authorised officer to grant such authorisations, or a passport in force properly visaised or certified by or on the President³s behalf: 4 (2) All these terms and Conditions shall be considered as prerequisites for the holders of such permission or visas to be able to enter or reside in the Union of Burma, and any violation of any of these terms and circumstances shall require the holders to be expelled from the Union of Burma if the President of the Union so ordains.

13 (2) Anyone who, as a transporter, is aware of a persons who is not entitled to travel, import or attempt to travel to the Burmese Union will be detained for a period of at least six month up to a max. five years or up to a penalty of at least K.1500 for any individual who is being or is being taken to Burma or to both.

Migration can be VERY sluggish - Myanmar Forum

Yeah, it can be a bit of a slower, but others have said that they went through in less than 10 min - probably they were sitting at the front of the single arrivals, but when two full 330/777 arrivals, it will be 600+Pax. But I didn't stop it, but maybe 10-15 mins. When we first went through immigration, it took about twenty mins.

For the second year, it only took ten mins, but when we got off the airplane, we put on our ices. Flew in about 10x and were always very fast, never more than 10-15 min at most. While there are many immigration offices, only four people were on assignment at the moment.

Nevertheless, it did not take longer than 20 min (visa already in the passport). All my prior arrives were handled within five to 15s. Passed a few week ago in about 20 min, a lot faster than before. There was a visas in my pass, but it wouldn't make any distinction.

We had to have a 15-20 minute waiting time, which I don't think is so hard. Thumb high for the pace of immigration against a sluggish one.....

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