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Burma Pictures Photos

The author's photos. You can download myanmar stock photos with pictures of Burma, Burma, Stupa and Pagoda. There are free weekly downloads with tens of thousands of new images every week. Myanmar, formerly the Union of Burma, is the largest country in Southeast Asia. This pictures of Myanmar (Burma) show a breathtaking country with culture, nature and temples.

Twenty-nine photos that show that Myanmar is unbelievable.

It is no mystery that we worshipped Myanmar. We wrote on this diary about the hike that transformed our life by zoomed around the Bagan Temple and defied the Mandalayust. So, if you want a more'authentic' flavour of Myanmar, you should go there soon. Meanwhile, please take a look at these photos from our journey there and begin to dream!

A must in Myanmar is a long boat excursion on Lake Inle. They are visiting swimming towns, stinking marketplaces and unbelievable sanctuaries. During the hike from Kalaw to Inle Lake we came across many different tribal groupings. On the Kalaw-Inle Lake trek, too, these children used to love the blisters we blown out of the fluid we took with us.

Yangon's glistening Shwedagon Pagoda is the most venerated pagoda in Myanmar. and we met this lady on the Kalaw-Inle Lake Trail. On our first morning on Kalaw-Inle Lake Trek we met these naughty young people. Myanmar's train speed is phenomenal. It' s no wonder these girls seemed rather dull when we met them on the Kalaw to Inle Lake trail!

Indein Temple near Lake Inle (on the long boat trip) is so spectacular that it justifies two photos. Unfortunately, as in many other parts of Myanmar, these beautiful old, disintegrating churches are "restored" to look like new ones - a sorry one. He was in a small village on our hike.

During the hike we went through many vegetable plantations - this beautiful plant cultivated seeds of hasard! Myanmar stores are full of interesting scenery - especially for a film-maker! The man at Illeake collected seaweed, probably as fertilizer. A further scenery of Mandalay's road fairs - whole dry seafood (foreground) and powdered dry seafood (background).

Humans from all over the globe come to see Bagan's temple levels. At the Yangon market we used to love to walk around - there were always interesting things to see. There' s another angler on Inle Lake. The candy floss salesman stood in front of a college and waited for the children when they were through.

On the hike from Kalaw to Inle Lake we met this sweet dwarf. Children are the same all over the globe when it comes to making stupid faces! Sundown on Inle Lake seen from a long boat - Blissful! Did we convince you that Myanmar is unbelievable? They are astonishing, the cuisine is great and the attractions are unsurpassed.

If you have any question about Myanmar, please let us know and we will do our best to respond! What is your favorite picture?

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