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Getty Images' perfect Myanmar Stock photos and editorial news images. One, thank you for being so patient with all my contributions from Myanmar in the last few weeks. You can download the perfect myanmar pictures. Burma City Stock Photos and images. SWEDAGON Pagoda is probably the holiest and most important religious site in Yangon, if not all of Myanmar.

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Burma, Myanmar, photo tours, pictures of Burma - a photo trip through one of the most photoogenic areas of Southeast Asia taken by the famous photographer Gary Latham. Marvellous and diverse scenery, scenic ruins and magnificent sanctuaries, pulsating streets, lively community market towns and a confusing mixture of ethnical groups make Burma a haven for beginner and advanced photographer travelers.

of the pale Victorian splendor and the stunning Shwedagon Pagoda of Yangon (Rangoon); the old towns of the historical Mandalay; the unbelievable temple of Bagan; Towards the hillside villages, folk hills and the renowned Lake Inle of the scenic Shan Plateau, we discover this amazing land by locomotive, Rikscha, horse and carriage, Irawaddy cruisers and on feet and on the street with the focus, as always, on the combination of the two most and less known places, as well as on the discovery of the locomotive industry, the busy market, the genuine food and the unbelievably kind folk who make up this very photographic and truly marvelous area.

Inaugural by your photo artist before an afternoons sightseeing trip, followed by a Rangoon River sundown and a welcome meal. Additional Yangon overnight stays before your trip are available on demand. Transport Yangon: Boats, walks, meals: This ( (very) slow) commuter concludes a bend through the outskirts and remote towns and offers an unusual look behind the scenery of Rangoon's community and town - a great intro to Burma.

In the afternoon we take a short tour through the scenic Kandawgyi Lake Gardens before we go to the unbelievable Shwedagon Temple, Burma's holiest and certainly one of the most impressive sight. Transport Yangon: Minibus, train, walking, meals: B, early birding to Mandalay and leave to discover the old town and former capitol of Ava (Inwa) from the fourteenth to nineteenth centuries.

Explore the destroyed town, temple and village by horses and coaches. Checking into our inner courtyard and free boarding before visiting the legendary U Bein Brigde, considered to be the longest timber deck in the word. Transport: Minibus, plane, walking, meals: B, morning workshops with your photo take followed by a cruise on the Irrawaddy to the stunning place of Mingun to implement some of your thoughts and advices between the pictorial remains of the antique town and the shrines.

Transport: Boat, walks, meals: We take the supposedly biggest Buddha sculpture in the whole wide globe, a convent with an amazing 500,000 Buddha pictures and some old subterranean churches that were carved out of the cliff. After lunch we head southwards to Bagan for a tour of one of the magnificent sanctuaries of the town.

Transport: Bagan: Minibus, walking, meals: C, orienteering and sightseeing of the ruins of the 11th till the 13th centuries. Transport: Bagan: Minibus, walking, meals: Bagan in peace: with a card, helmet and flare (to explore the secret stairs of the temples); wander the roads by bike; rent a fringe and a snare; go to the most famous temple or find some of your own secret cheeses; get up early to take the daybreak or ride out the heat of the morning by the swim.

Optionally, a ballooning flight over Bagan can be organised. Transport: Bagan: Taxi, bicycle, walking, meals: B, flight to Heho airport and cruise through the scenic landscape of the Shan Plateau at one of the village market before entering the city of Pindaya to see the stunning Shwemin cavern temple.

After lunch we head to Nyuangshwe - the gate to the renowned Inle-See. Inle (!) Transport: Minibus, plane, walking, meals: B, Fascinating full days tour by ferry around the beautiful lakes. We' ll be visiting a lakefront local fair, a handmade traditionally rolled Cheeroot mill, a lottery woven design and the extraordinary swimming garden.

Inle ("Nyaung Shwe") Transport: Boat, food: B, In the mornings we will depart across the beautiful lakeshore of Dein, from where we will hike through the scenic countryside to see the site of a destroyed Shan town. Known as the'Shan Bagan', the place has countless Stupa that cover the luxuriant bush.

Inle ("Nyaung Shwe") Transport: Boat, walks, meals: B, Free mornings at Lake Inle to do your own thing: Bicycle to the exceptional Red Mountain Winery; go to the nearby markets; go to a nearby town in a kayak or just chill out in a teashop before an evening trip to Yangon.

Transportation: Plane, stroll, meals: Depart Transport: Going, eating: On-site dining. This is a *selection of hotel/room categories where you can spend the night on this trip..... Myanmar: Please note: As an impartial traveler you are NOT a group.

Visas are available at the Asia Plaza in Rangoon c/o Tours Mandalay (our groundhandler). This expansions fit well to this trip..... This is what our guests have to say about their experiences on this trip..... "Astonished by Burma - probably the most relaxed and welcoming place I've been....A great trip with great photography " " " An exquisite trip that covers a great deal of terrain in a relatively small amount of space without being rash.

Everything went very well, which was a great achievement given the wide choice of means of transportation we used. All of the places we went to for group dinners were enchanting and the meal was excellent. "``Read to reserve your trip?

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