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West Burma - Yangon - See all - Myanmar (Burma). Burma, Myanmar, formerly Burma, is my best place for travel photography. People are friendly & a different picture is waiting for me everywhere. Show report about this image in full size. Pictures are not available for this item.

Photos and other pictures of Burma

Descriptive /Topic: "A documentary that documents Burma's history from 1987 to the most recent historical passage by an award-winning photographer....I ask for your help in publishing a work. Natasha Chandani and Lana Cavar, authors and designer, started with me to create a high-quality 192-page volume with colour photos in 7 x 9 1/2 inches.

The pictures will be accompanied by the essay of the well-known Myanmar author Dr Ma Thida, a defender of the rule of law and a former politician, and the reporter Francis Wade, to illustrate the situation in Burma today. Descriptive/Topic: "In this section you will find photos of Burma's current prison population in Burma, photos of jails and detainees working in labour camps or construction sites across Burma.

Studying behind bars: In jail, detainees are not permitted to neither study nor work. In spite of the effort of their detainees to captivate their thoughts, Burma's detainees are still committed to studying even under the most difficult conditions. See photos - See product 1 - See product 2..... Currently there are 38 large jails in Burma.

More than 20 prisoner politicians, including some monks. See pictures..... So if you are a professional with pictures you think are of value to AAPP, please attach them as JPGs to AAPP..... Synopsis/Topic:Many photographs of Burma by Goto Osami, the famous Portuguese artist, and photographs of Burma's Colonies (unfortunately without date) by Shiro Shimamura and Keizo Okuma, some of which are flanked by Goto Osami's contemporaneous series.

Descriptive/Topic:Photos of Burma, especially good hiking pictures of Kachin State (mountains, cloud, jungles, people, ports, towns, streams). Descriptive/Topic: "Can Stock Photo has over 20 million royalty-free archive photographs at affordable rates. From only $1.00 for our high-quality pictures, our large licensing arrangement gives you the freedom you need.

There are free monthly updates with ten thousand new pics every weeks. More than 8.000 Burma related pics and archive pics! Describtion/Topic:One of Burma's best on-line photography galeries. Valuable photographs of different parts and facets of Burma by a sensible artist - everyday situations, architecture, cabbages, landscape, portrait, Buddha, object.....

Descriptive/Topic:Contains several stories about Burma, among them stories about Freeburma Rangers outreaches. Over 20 photographic assays of civilian casualties, devastated communities, hard labor, aid operations, etc. Descriptive/Topic:This photographic library contains several hundred of Burma, mainly from the Second World Peacetime. Quest for "Burma" in the different art galleries..... Hensley Photobibliothek:

"During the Second World War, this photographic compilation was taken by an US soldier, Glenn S. Hensley. The Museum of Contemporary Art, which is part of the Government College of Arts and Crafts, has a photo library dating from the mid-18th century.

From Niligiri mountain trunks, to Madras presidential mountaineering sites, to weapons and antiquities from Fort St. George. "The Keagle Photograph Library - "This library consists of photos taken during the Second World War by an US soldier, Robert Keagle.

"The Bond Photograph Library - This library consists of pictures taken during the Second World War by an US soldier, Frank Bond (142 pictures of Burma). written by/created by:James Mackay, description/topic:photos from Burma-journeys between 1997 and 2004..... "That side is a non-political side. Synopsis/Topic:Archive with several thousand pictures of KHRG from 1993.

It documents the humanitarian conditions throughout East Burma. Descriptive/Topic:Pin-ups and Floats. school's hard-edged calendarstick. A pushy, multi-coloured "Myanmar Image Gallery", which floats in the skies, manages to degrade the most beautiful photos of pagan coupons. Descriptive/Topic:1375 pictures from Burma/Myanmar. Descriptive/Topic:Contains some good architecture pictures "Mingalaba!

The Myanmar Photo Gallery contains a collection of images of Myanmar (Burma) taken at the beginning of the drought in December 2002. From Yangon we drove by road through lower Myanmar, paid a stop at Bago and Kyaiktiyo before headed due north to the central Myanmar, where we paid a stop at Lake Inle, Mandalay and Bagan before we returned to Yangon.

Synopsis/Topic:4000+ Myanmar Photos in 35 Categories --- Myanmar Online Museum * Royal Regalia * Kyauktaw Mahamuni Museum * Naga Tribal Museum * Buddha Pictures * Myanmar Stamps * Myanmar Coins Miracle of Myanmar estates oh largest gilded building oh largest bell sounding oh largest bell underwater oh largest lying Buddha picture oh largest stone book oh largest gold Buddha picture oh largest stone Buddha picture oh strange Buddha pictures.

Descriptive/Topic:Forced resettlement and expulsion..... "KHRG's second tranche of the 2010 photo gallery contains 95 stills taken by KHRG panelists since December 2009. Out of these pictures 50 were taken between December 2009 and March 2010 and 45 between April and July 2010. Pictures were taken in Papun, Nyaunglebin, Toungoo, Mergui/Tavoy, Pa'an and Dooplaya areas of the local Karen state and on the Thai side of the Thai-Burma frontier.

The gallery is subdivided into six sections: In each section of this story you will find a large selection of photographs, not only of village people as casualties. KHRG has been documenting misuse samples that correspond to those of previous issues since the last picture gallery was published.

Despite the many civil safety and livelihood issues, however, Burmese village people remain courageous and resilient by applying a variety of policies to prevent abuses and the impact of abuses on their homes and societies. The photographs in the photo gallery are marked with alphanumerical symbols under each image.

For the first issue of KHRG Photo Gallery 2010, click here. "Synopsis/Topic:In May 2010, Human Rights Watch brought Platon, the leader photographer of portraits, to the Thai-Burmese frontier to take photographs of former Thai Burma detainees, civic community leader, members of ethnical minorities, reporters and other exiled persons from their land, Burma.

Everyone in this portraits has seen violations of Burma's humanitarian law and has taken shelter in Thailand. Descriptive/Topic:Photos of: Compulsory labour; internally expelled persons and forced resettlement; children's right; refugees' situations; Burmese migrants. Descriptive/Topic:High-quality dedicated photograph and audiovisual presentations. This is a intricate, sympathetic, touching, poetic, contemplative, gradual photographic representation of Burmese citizens today.

Henri Cartier-Bresson for the dynamics of the human-environment came to my minds from the photography, Edward Curtis for some of the portrait, S. Salgado..... Descriptive/Topic:Cities/Buildings Archive. Architecture pictures.

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