Myanmar Identity Card

Burma Identity Card

Burmese officials offer new identity cards to the sceptical Rohingya. Are new green cards going to lead to citizenship or keep them out of reach for the persecuted minority? These are the guidelines for identity documents by country. Myanmar Muslims have national identity cards and residence documents, which gives them the right to a passport. To register your SIM card, you can use your identity card or driving licence or any other identity card that contains a detailed description of yourself, e.

g. student card or passport.

Renewal of identity card in Myanmar | Living & Working

When in Myanmar, if you are a citizen of the Netherlands, you can obtain a renewal of your identity card at a Netherlands diplomatic mission or general consulate. They are of the Netherlands nationalities. They have a Netherlands identity card or pass (valid or expired) or were previously entered in a parent's one. In a different scenario, choose the appropriate options under Apply for an identity card.

When you visit the Netherlands soon, you can make an enquiry at one of the Netherlands' frontier communities or at Schiphol Airport. Which documentation do you need? You must present several papers when applying for an identity card. You must make the source and a copy available for each file.

Please see the checkbook (.pdf) for a complete listing of the necessary documentation. Kindly be aware that the checkbook only shows which documentation you need to submit. This page contains the document specifications that must be met. It is advisable to have all identification papers in your name. The same applies to international and past documentation.

There is no need to carry old papers that have already been canceled ("punching a hole", for example). Please be sure to provide a filled out and duly authorised request sheet (in English and Dutch). You can also use this card to request a Netherlands identity card. Please take two photographs (1 compulsory and 1 replacement) that comply with the Netherlands requirement for photographs.

The name of your affiliate can be added to your ID card. When your wedding license or affiliation document is not included in the basic registration persons, please take an authorized copy of the document with you. In case you are a spouse or dowager and this should be noted on your identity card for the first case, please take an offical copy of your partner's birth certificates with you.

If, in other words, you are a citizen of the Netherlands and renew your identity card for the first reason after your 18th birthday or your first request since you acquired your other citizenship, you will have to present extra documentation because of your double citizenship. It is necessary to prove that you are legally resident in the state in which you are living.

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