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Complete source for calls to Myanmar: country code, area codes and more information on international calls. The Tanintharyi Natural Park, Tenasserim, Myanmar. Our complete resource guide gives you the country code of Myanmar and Singapore to make your international calls. The Tanintharyi Nature Reserve, Tenasserim, Myanmar..

... The spice powder imported into Myanmar currently contains salt but is not iodized.

NEU IDD 021 Tariff to Myanmar

60?/minute all days on weekends and 8.00 - 7.59 a.m. on workdays. On workdays, phone conversations are billed from 8.00 - 19.59 at a fixed price of 80?/minute. The data and timing is always M1 system-compliant. Tariffs apply only to IDD 021 voicemail from Singapore to Myanmar.

The current routing tariffs shall be applied accordingly. All IDD phone numbers will be deducted on the basis of this order (if applicable): M. 1 retains the right to modify these General Conditions.

MOBILE - Best IDD 1310

Please click on the flag to see our cheaper tariffs. Please note: The above tariffs do not apply to calling to mobile phones, satellites, premier calling, specific numbers and select Canada locations. Please click here to see our discounts. Ensure your line is up and call 1318 to ask for IDD enable.

Ensure that your line is activated and then complete the service request form. Teach your family that you are worried by recharging their balance - even when you are not at home!

The IDD / German exits are 00

This is the access key you need to access a specific area. Every land is allocated a clear countrycode. This is the access key for a part of the land. A number of states are not large enough to justify their own area codes, so they have the 1 and use the area codes to specify the state.

These are some useful information about Myanmar. You will find some useful information about Germany here. Region (SQ KM)357,021 This page will help you to call from Germany to Myanmar with dial numbers and dialling numbers. Preselections for Myanmar are also included. Myanmar's 95 area code. Myanmar's 95. The IDD 00 is used for calls from Germany.

The IDD is called an''exit code'' and an''exit 00'' is Germany. Germany has a 00 expression key.

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