Myanmar id Card

New Myanmar ID Card

Refreshing your identity card in Myanmar. You are in a situation where you need to renew your identity card in the Netherlands. The Myanmar National Registration Card (NRC) holder's automatic identification system is presented in this paper. " With ID I can show who I am," says Zin Hnin Phyu from Myanmar. 2 photos of a valid identity card (front and back) NRC card or driving licence (for Myanmar nationals) or passport (for foreigners).

Federal administration wants to speed up ID processes

U Zaw Aye Maung, Minister of Labour, Immigration and Population, and Rakhine ethnical issues, said the Yangon region will try to speed up the issuing of Yangon region secondary school IDs. Under-Secretary U Zaw Aye Maung said the Department had given a valid ID to only 5,000 nationals by 24 August.

Said the department goes to different colleges every June and July of the year, and will issue the student's ID card before the end of the year. "I know we haven't had enough student and adult IDs. Because, in some of our cities, we do not have enough personnel and too many persons have applied for a local ID card.

He hoped to correct the problem and increase the effectiveness of issuing student IDs. "I would ask all our people to submit the necessary documentation to the competent authorities so that their ID card can be made out within a few days," he said.

When the people make all the documentation available, but the division is hesitant to release it, they can let us know and we will help," he added. "In 2016-2017, we gave a nationwide ID card to about a thousand 10-year-old pupils in Yangon region schoolchildren. We went around our local school system to make copies of our 10 year old student ID cards," said U Zaw Aye Maung.

The South Dagon Myothit MP U Nyi Nyi Nyi said he wanted the Department to give ID to up to 40,000 student each year. "There are too few undergraduates who have the Yangon region's nationwide ID card in comparison to the real number of Yangonese. I' d like the Department to be issuing IDs for 30,000 or 40,000 undergraduates in the next few years because we still get to know that some undergraduates have problems after passing the enrollment exam because they don't have a valid ID," he said.

Burmese citizenship requires every Myanmar resident aged 10 years and older to enroll in the Labour, Immigration and Population Division and obtain a valid passport. Nyi Nyi said that some folks have no sense of nationhood until they grow up and work in businesses or elsewhere. "I understand that some folks are still completing their applications for state IDs.

For some, it is difficult to find work because they do not have an ID card. That' s why I want to know what the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population is planning for the issuance of ID documents in secondary schools," he said.

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