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Yangon, Myanmar Human Capital Solutions

World-class solutions in Myanmar. We have all learned about the human resources issues facing Myanmar today. However, investment in the right person can have a detrimental effect on your company. If it takes you too long to find the right person, this can extend your start-up period. The selection of less productive employees has an effect on our company's overall performance.

Do not underestimate the rippling effect of badly placed persons. Just the challenge of working in Myanmar underlines that the right person is your most important capital!

The Myanmar Human Resource Institute | Crossroads Magazine

MHR has been a premier business management institute in Myanmar since 1998 with offices in Central Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay. Our graduate programs include renowned leadership development courses, executive development courses, management development courses, supervisory skills courses and human resource consultancy advisory service for the corporate, government, civil service and state.

Set national standards for business success. The groundbreaking programmes combine academical expertise and valuable hands-on experience. Developing both professional and managerial expertise, we create and retain cutting-edge executives with the capacity to be successful in the challenges of the twenty-first century. 2. In addition, we are involved in charitable projects such as donations of funds, necessary home utensils and stationery for the casualties of catastrophes and offer courses in English Language Training and Computer Training for orphans.

Among our select customers are Air Bagan, DKSH, Myanmar CP, City Mart, KBZ Bank, MBL, RPMM, IBTC, Shwe Taung, Myanmar Thiha, Zinfam, Ginvera, Yoke Pyo, United Living Mall, Champion, Family Entertainment and Chatrium Hotel. We proudly create a lively, imaginative and inspirational environment for the development of the country's human capital.


Improving human capital is crucial for fast, sustained and integrated Sudanese economy. Investment in healthcare and lifelong learning, which includes technology and skills development, is vital to create a prolific workforce that can help create and capitalise on future sources of employment, while enabling the country's young people to take part in the country's tragic socio-economic upheaval.

The focus of this document is on human capital development, with the focus on healthcare and training in the light of job creation and an employment-generating framework. Pending the publication of current figures and the results of major on-going regulatory reform, the document is based on a comprehensive review of available information, which includes the integrated survey on the living conditions of households 2009-2010, national evaluations and stakeholder consultation with the authorities and a wide range of interest groups, to take stock of important recent trends that contribute to shaping the transform.

Tanaka, Sakiko und Spohr, Christopher und D'Amico, Sandra, Myanmar Human Capital Development, Employment, and Labor Markets (décembre 2015). Asia Development Bank Economics Working Paper Series No. 469.

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