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to sell & rent house, flat, condominium, real estate in Yangon and other cities in Myanmar. Locate houses for rent in Myanmar. Sell or buy a property, rent a house or apartment and more! La Min Eain Guest House-Burmese only offers accommodation in Taungoo.

Homes for Rent in Myanmar

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Building & Real Estate Service GmbH, Ltd.

The Luxury Estates is the premier property with 10 years of expat in Yangon and offers the best of the best locally based experts who can help. We mainly procure housing and business property for expatriates and non-governmental organisations such as embassies, INGOs, institutions, etc.

Handling lessors, experienced negotiations, NO AGENTIAL FEES from customers, FREE of charge for the duration of the agreement and flexibility in terms of methods of payment, e.g. cross-border wire transfers, are the hallmarks of our work. In addition, our services are designed to provide our customers with an effective and tailor-made solution founded on expertise and on a thorough knowledge of current and future markets, as well as a thorough knowledge of issues relating to residential property issues and globalisation.

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IHA enables the world's leading residential property companies to research and tackle joint problems related to residential construction and reflect the global priorities defined by member states. Global Housing Watch monitors the development of the global residential property market on a quarter-by-quarter however. This provides up-to-date information on house rates and key figures for the evaluation of real estate property market, such as house price-to-rent and house priceincome relationships.

Find out more when NAHB reports on the latest developments in business and residential property politics in the Eye on housing blogs.

Guest-Burmese Only, Taungoo - Update 2018 Rates

La Min Eain House in Burma accepts only Myanmar nationals and provides lodging in Taungoo. Each room in this guesthouse is air-conditioned and has a TV.

There is no need for a debit cardholder. We will use your comments to help us make it easier for you to make your next booking. We are sorry, but there was an erroneous reply. Thank you for your reply. We will use your comments to help us make it easier for you to make your next booking. We are sorry, but there was an erroneous reply.

Thank you for your reply. We are sorry, but there was an erroneous entry of your comments. I' m sorry, but it seems something went awry when I submitted this. Bylaws La Min Eain Gästehaus-Burmese only accepts your wishes - please include them in the next screen! The La Min Eain Guest House can only welcome "Burmese citizens".

Guests must present a strong Myanmar identity card at check-in. The Min Eain Guest House-Burmese Only has no ratings yet, be the first to find out what the real estate has to boast about and be the first to give a rating to other people.

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