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Burma hotel guide

See more Telegraph Travel expert guides. Myanmar's appeal is very strong. Review all hotel offers in Yangon at once. Near the National Museum of Myanmar: Myanmar's hotels and guesthouses are cheap.

Brocks mini travel guide for Mandalay, Myanmar

Situated in the heart of Myanmar, Mandalay is the second biggest and probably the most friendly one. It was a great way to get off to a great good flying start in Myanmar. If Mandalay is your point of departure or the big final in this land, hopefully this compilation of commercials and proposals we have found will help you make the most of your stay in the town.

From Bangkok we went to Mandalay International Airport. Then we took a personal cab to our Mandalay downtown resort. We drove from Mandalay to Bagan and reserved a pick-up at our hotels. When you live near the King's Palazzo, rent a cycle to discover the town. There is usually someone at each of the temples to keep an eyes on your cycle for a small charge.

When you are further away than by bike, e.g. to the U Bein Bridge or another area of the town, you can simply rent a vehicle. So we walked through our motel because the prize was quite near to the riders on the road. When we were on our way to see the Moustache Brothers Show we came across this place.

Since the town is quite big, there are also many overnight accommodations, which one can also miss. We' ve done a great deal of research and wanted to be somewhere near Mandalay Hill and the most famous places. Remain near the King's Palazzo, preferably on the eastern side, which offers easy acces to restaurants and other attractions.

Mandalay Hill was the very first thing we discovered in Mandalay and Myanmar. Although I can't say that it is the most attractive place in the town, it is certainly the most action. Maybe the most wonderful sightseeing near Mandalay, it would be a disgrace to come to Myanmar and not see the U Bein Bridge.

It is still used today as a pedestrian walkway for local people across Lake Tuangthaman and is considered to be the longest and oldest wooden bridges made of tea wood in the whole wide area. Its most frequent visiting season is at sundown, when the viaduct and its transitions take off against a hot skies. During certain periods of the year you can observe the sundown directly behind the viaduct.

For about $10-12 our rider let us cross the river and collected us on the other side. Tip: Your guidebook will insist on maintaining the rate, as it can only take this cruise once a year. In Mandalay there are so many monasteries to visit.

When searching for a particular sanctuary, you often get astray and end up researching a sanctuary you didn't want to visit. This was the case with Sandamuni Timple. lf you are as fond of balance as l am, you will be fond of this place because it is everywhere! We' also took one of my favorite pictures on our journey in Myanmar.

We' d flagged this place as a must, as it seems to be the biggest place in the whole wide web. About 20-minute searches in this volume, a woman volunteered to help us. It turned out that we could not find the scripture in the church because the church itself is "the book".

Proposed by Becki of Borders of Adventure, I was asked that the Moustache Brothers Show in Mandalay was one of the most accidental things I would ever see and a must before I left town. Joking aside, the Moustache Brothers have been playing an important part in the dialog of Myanmar's murky story through the show, even in prison for carrying their messages.

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