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Burma hotel guide

Booking the best Muslim friendly hotels in each city. Prayer times and travel tips for Muslim travellers (Tip: Halal Essen!) Information with photos, maps, directions and the nearest golf courses for hotels, resorts and holiday apartments in Myanmar (Burma). Are you looking for a wedding hotel in Yangon? Myanmar recommends staying in star hotels for health reasons and not in family-run guesthouses.

Are you looking for a hotel near Hlawga National Park, Myanmar?

Burma travel guide - transportation and accomodation tips

Myanmar could be the place for you if you are looking for a relatively unspoilt tourist destination with breathtaking scenery, intriguing cultures and inviting individuals. Myanmar has opened up to the tourist industry in recent years as the country's leaders have embarked on a more democracy. Rather, I would like to use this guide mainly to give you some idea what you can see and do during your stay in Myanmar.

Fortunately, Myanmar now has a lot of ATM machines in major towns and resorts, which means you don't have to be so worried about run out of money. There are two major currency used by Myanmar residents - US dollar and the country's own currency, Kyoto (pronounced chat). They mainly use US Dollar for hotel, train, boat, tour and some souvenir.

Myanmar's population will have no scruples whatsoever about simply refusing them and persisting that you should choose to buy your goods and services in the cleanest possible way! Also try to gather smaller memos while you're calling, because often they don't have enough money for big ones, and they'll just refuse them again. Of course it will be much more expensive, you will have to make an appointment in advanced and you will not see any of the interesting things that surface transport brings with it.

I got my purse off the shelves on a voyage and on an accommodation voyage I had to somehow get some rest while holding on to a rail to prevent being tossed into the hallway in the midnight. However, it is an adventure worthwhile on a brief tour, and the only advantage is that they usually take you right into the town.

Coaches are the simplest way to get around, and if you are outside some of the bigger towns, perhaps the only way. Difficulties during the ride itself are not particularly large or convenient, the air conditioning is usually either too warm or too cool, and there is often irritating noisy, locally played sound.

Boat: This can be an inexpensive but very convenient and scenic way to get between the big towns of the Irrawaddy River (the most favourite is between Bagan and Mandalay and the other way around). Myanmar is not able to keep up with the growing number of tourists, so there is a lack of housing in many places.

Bagan and Inle Lake are the most difficult places to find shelter. The majority of hostels and B&Bs are not very dependable with e-mail reservations, so it is best to call in advance and try to make a pre-book. It will be one of the high points of your journey to Myanmar. You will find a truly beautiful civilization that makes us very proud and that we want to live with.

Some of these suggestions are in the pipeline to help you get to know Myanmar's area. To where in Myanmar? Chances are you're flying to Yangon - the biggest town in Myanmar, but no longer the capitol. When you have a little bit of free play, try the Circle Line trains, which is a three hour ride and gives you a good glimpse of Yangon as well.

For years Bagan has been one of the major tourist attractions in Myanmar. This antique Temples Town has developed very little within its boundaries and is difficult to place in history. Though you can see the high points in one afternoon, most folks decide to stay a little longer and see the big ones and explore some of the smaller ones.

Click here to learn more about the visit to Bagan. Its name alone is reminiscent of Myanmar's romance, but like most major towns, a large part of Mandalay is just an overdevelopment. However, the great attractions such as the Royal Palace make it worth a visit, and there are many lovely peaks around Mandalay Mountain - not to speak of the ascent to the top of the mountain itself.

It is also possible to rent bikes and drive around part of it yourself - even the village markets in the northeast of the lakes. The small town of Bago is a few friends. It is a beautiful snap-shot of Myanmar with its mixture of religious, culinary, cultural and progression.

Ensure that you engage a guide who will show you the various facets. In this history you will find a guide that can take you to more than just the places of interest of Bago. - Twante: This is a simple half or full days excursion from Yangon. Click here to learn more about a full excursion to Twante.

Burma is not known for its traditional sandy beach, but has some beautiful one. There are many accommodations in different prices. That' not really that near to Yangon, but half way between there and Bagan you will either come or go if you choose to stop. It' s quite uninspirational - the old pyu-village Sri Kestra is the cause.

Though not as stunning as Bagan, it is probably Myanmar's first site on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Sri Kestra, the old pyu town, is interesting for the purpose of the story. However, it is a one-of-a-kind view that lasts only half a days from Bagan to Mount Popa Monastery.

  • These ancient capital cities of Burma - along with some other sights - can all be taken from Mandalay and I would strongly suggest it. Each of the locals' guide and motorcyclist have an easiest route so you don't have to make any choices.

Pyin Oo Lwin is not really a journey worthwhile, but a small piece of the old English Colonies, which is a few hour's journey if you are in transit (or over night if you want to recover). When you have a few minutes to get to Hsipaw (about six hrs from Mandalay) and then a few nights on a walk, this will be one of the high points of a journey to Myanmar.

You can hike from this little village with native guide. Sadly I didn't make it down here because my visas expired, but The Golden Rock is one of the icons of Myanmar and a great photograph. I have been informed that the city of Mawlamyine and the cities around it are also a good part of Myanmar's population.

Embracing the locals is the secret to Myanmar as they seem to want to show you how amazing their land can be. Burma is a secure land, it is a hospitable land, and it is a magnificent state. You' ll enjoy your journey there and the more you give, the more you get back.

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