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I am planning a trip to Myanmar and Angkor in April. Any experience that wasn't rewarded by the hotels? We' re planning a trip to Myanmar in November. Hotel bookings are one of our renowned travel services in Myanmar. Unfortunately, very few budget guesthouses in Myanmar have an online booking.

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I am planing a journey to Myanmar and Angkor in April. After a lot of research, I organised a route that included Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Angkor. So we traveled 1,999 to Myanmar and 2,005 to Angkor, so our priority is clear. So, I booked all of them through

I also plan to make reservations on line. However, especially in Myanmar, I don't feel too happy with the on-line reservations (especially after trying to make reservations directly on the hotel's websites to find out that no rooms are available for the selected dates). Whatever it's value, I used another website, Traveocity, to make a hotel reservation in Mandalay, and it worked well.

Do I need to take care of flight and hotel bookings and rates? You may not find any availabilities on the hotel web sites, but still with agencies like or or www' is that they have blocking packages. I' ve provided test data for April for Mandalay and 16 properties were available, some with three different agent deals and pricing.

In Manadaly, the hotel I stayed at with Travelocity was the Sedona. However, this is a DIGUSTING hotel (look at my evaluation) I think you should rethink your bet. I' ve used it in Mandalay and New Bagan without any problems. I'm only 3 week in Myanmar and just make bookings from place to place with it.

Cambridgegtraveller I´m I must have seen your Sedona review, I always picked the best reviewed properties and then I' ve seen the shit. However, stories about other Mandalay resorts are all so discouraging. The last time we went to Mandalay, we were at the Sofitel in 1999, which was brandnew and had good cuisine.

I' ve somehow given up to find a good hotel in Mandalay, or at least one that has been maintained over the years........ In December we were in Myanmar, in high seasons, together with the SEA-match. I then confirmed all reservations a few nights in advance. No.

Some few will actually stick to bookings, most seem to disregard it when they get a better deal from someone else, and when presented with the evidence in black and white, they give a less expensive, more unpleasant space for the higher one. We were really happy that I did not make a reservation through a booking page, as down payments are non-refundable and we found some places that we had reserved too unpleasantly to remain.

Didn't think we had to make an up-front reservation. However if you may have everything bound below and don't want the strife of having to look for a place, if you get there then emails the hotel directly, and take the acknowledgment with you as evidence. When you need to make a booking on-line, we have the best available for Myanmar.

When you find an India or Japan based agency, you can get heavily reduced prices for Aureum properties. Atlines, Golden Myanmar is the lowest priced and you can buy on-line. I' ve reserved and payed for all my Myanmar properties through Asia Rooms. I' ve got confirmations from two of the properties.

I' m looking forward to hearing from Ruby Treehotel in Bagan, if not, I can cancell 8 working nights before the date of your stay. I' ve got very little spare hours, so I know my hotel in advanced, I also travel alone, so I have to carry less crunchydollars.

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