Myanmar Hotel and Tourism Association

The Myanmar Hotel and Tourism Association

Myanmar Hotelier Association was founded under the strict supervision of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism with good approval of the Head of State. SHATEC, Singapore Hotel Association, Singapore. MHTS Listed in Myanmar Hotels and Tourism Services. United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). the country and date of execution:

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It' a great joy to open this New Year' s greetings to enthusiastic spectators and to remind them of some miles we have reached in the last good years of tourism in Myanmar. The MHA was formed on 24 October 2002 and formally recognized by the Ministry of the Interior (Reg. No. 1864) on 21 November 2003. Over the years, MHA has developed into a powerful organisation and formed 19 hotelier associations in important tourism locations with over 800 members.

MHA has worked closely with the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism from the outset and, in cooperation with the Union of Myanmar Travel Association and Myanmar Tourism Marketing, has supported the tourism industry in Myanmar. We have a clearly delineated vision to enable Myanmar's hotel industry to grow sustainably and to compete with the world.

It is our missions to have a uniform and country-wide presence of guesthouses, taverns, hotels, guesthouses and pensions, while at the same the members are supported and developed in a systematic way in order to find prompt and effective answers to problems. The MHA is an associate member of the Myanmar Tourism Federation. The MHA is proud to be present at international travel fairs and domestic meetings to emphasize our tourism and community services as well as our upcoming business opportunities.

Upstairs, New Aeyar Hotel, Botahtaung Township, Yangon. Sr. No: Phone: Sr. No: Phone:, No.57, Dhamayone Rd & Mayangone Township. Sr. No: Phone: Sr. No: Phone: Sr. No: Phone: Sr. No: Phone: Sr. No: Phone: No. 77, 6B ,Dhamazedi Road, Sanchaung Township, Myanmar. Sr. No: Phone: No. 20, Inya Road, Kamayut Township. Sr. No: Phone: Sr. No: Phone: Sr. No: Phone:

Sr. No: Phone: Sr. No: Phone: Sr. No: Phone: Sr. No: Phone: The MHA will be the association that enables Myanmar's hotel industry to grow sustainably and compete internationally. Bringing together and representing nation-wide owned and operated guesthouses, taverns and hostels in order to further enhance the members and to resolve the hotel industry issues in an effective way.

Systematically developing the hotel business and eliminating the issues and challenges that each member cannot resolve by organising the countrywide hotel, motel, inn and accommodation. Aims of the association are the following a) to run the hotel sector in accordance with commercial policies and the occasional goals set by the State; b) to systematically evolve the hotel sector under the strict control of the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism in accordance with the State' s goals; e) to exist as a stable, party-politically free organisation;

to ( ) make every effort to modernise the internationally renowned hotel sector by preserving and preserving the nation's traditions and culture legacy; () to improve the service of Myanmar hotels by maintaining up to date with world standards; () to find ways and means for the Association's good that do not violate applicable legislation, government policies and policies and the Statutes of the Association.

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