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Burma Hotel Address

Welcome to the Home Hotel. Sagaing Division, Myanmar. The hotel offers a unique opportunity to experience Yangon.


Calaw Oblast is full of Buddha temples and palagodas, near Pindaya's world-famous lime stone caverns with their thousands of Buddha pictures. The centrepiece of the town is the village people from the nearby hill tops selling local produce such as local produce as veggies, handicrafts, aromatic and herbal. It is the perfect place to start your hikes, bike tours or birdwatching.

Expert guide and ornithologist will guide you through the fascinating universe of evergreens and their hundred different birds. Magnificent brickwork and wood structures with great interiors and genuine hardwood flooring made the visit quiet.

More about Bagan Town

It is very comfortable for visitors to see many of the city's favourite sights, such as Eight Faces Paya, Archaeological Museum, Gawdawpalin Pahto. During a stay in our guesthouse you will be greeted by our warmth and our hospitability, because it is our aim that all our clients are happy with their stay with us beyond their expectation.

Bagan is situated in the Mandalay region of Myanmar and is an old capitol of the kingdom of Pagan from the ninth to the thirteenth century. It is the most historic site in Myanmar and the wealthiest archaeological site in Asia, situated on the Ayeyarwaddy River's lefthand shore in the arid region of Cymanmar.

Monarchs who ruled from the eleventh to the thirteenth century brought together the Bagan tribe and established the basic structure to rule the basic societal, economical and administrational system that would lay the foundations of today's Myanmar. It was under her leadership that Bagan became a demanding metropolis of riches and might. Today over 2000 Buddhist monasteries still exist, they are today the sights in Bagan.

The most areas in Bagan are shallow, so just hire a motorcycle and that's enough for you to have a great journey. They couldn't say you were in Myanmar without seeing Bagan.

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