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Burmese young artists and activists. Burma is a country rich in scenic beauty, incredible monuments and diverse culture. Please read this page before booking for other pages. It is a mixture of ancient temples and colonial sites. If you do not visit religious sites, do not wear clothes that are too revealing.

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Conceived and conceived by the UK collective goverment, the town has a lattice-like design with the Sule Pagoda in the centre. Sittwe, the town to the west of Myanmar and the capitol of the state of Rakkhine, is the point of departure for a visit to the antique town of Mrauk U. Although Sittwe seems far away from the big towns of Myanmar, it has the feeling of a capitol.

Most of Myanmar's coastline is divided where the whole sandy area is located. The Pyin Oo Lwin or Maymyo is the most scenic mountain stop in Myanmar. Maymyo, Pyin Oo Lwin (The Edge of Highland), Pann Myo (Flowers City), Nnin Myo (Snow City) and Taung Hlay Kharr Myo (Hill Stairs City).

Because of its beautiful location in the high mountain region, the British build the old cityscape. Myanmar's largest municipality is Mawlamyaine. This was Burma's first post Anglo-Burmese war settlement. A lot of nostalgic monuments and trendy high-rises stay in the cityscape. It was Ruyard Kipling who described the old Moulmein in his book Road to Mandalay.

Perhaps he saw the old town of Moulmein, as it was then known, on the banks of the Thanlwin, Myanmar's second longest water. A cruise from Mawlamyine to Pha-an, the Karen state capitol, is the best trip on the Myanmar canal.

Beside the collegiate influences, Mawlamyine uuha's old cloisters. One of them is His Tone Queen Monastery, founded by one of the Queen of the Mandalay Palace foundress. Kengeng tung is a small city near the Golden Triangle. It' a gate to several mountain peoples' towns. Burma has 133 tribes and Shan Ethnic has 33.

Kengengung is the place where you will find most of the Shan Hill tribes to explore the isolated places. As well as walking and walking, the city itself, which is regarded as the largest city in eastern Shan State, has the famous places to go; Lonelyree Hill with a large and old treetop with views of the city and near the treetop is the old palace wall.

The Putao is the basis where climbers begin their challenging hike over the snow-capped peaks of North Myanmar. In Putao we will see the pristine nature and culture of North Myanmar. After Mandalay, Monywa is the second largest town in the higher Myanmar. There are many tourist attractions around Monywa that make the whole of Monywa well known.

You are as follows: Monywa Thanbude temples; where you can see more than half a million Buddhas inside and outside the ramparts of the Temple and also on the columns near the template, Mandalay, was the historic ancient capitol and the centre of Myanmar's civilization in the past.

Located about 600 kilometres from Yangon on the Ayeyarwaddy riverbank, it has about half a million residents and is Myanmar's second biggest population. And Mandalay was the capitol of Burma's last remaining sovereign empire, which was eventually captured by the UK Colonies in 1886. Established 29 years before in 1857 by King Mindon, the twin township was the capitol of an autonomous empire for less than 30 years.

Mandalay was built in 1857 on an empty site, because according to an old prophesy, this was exactly where a place would be built on the 2,400th anniversary of Buddhism. Its name comes from Mandalay Hill, on the north eastern edge of today's cityscape.

Inle has two meanings: small sea in comparison to the larger one in the north of Myanmar and Lay, which means four towns that were the first settlement on the sea. According to the story, the inhabitants of these pristine communities came from the south of Myanmar, where the Myanmar tongue is pronounced in a pronounced local accent.

The Innthas, as the sea dwellers are today known, talk Myanmar with the same accent. There are more than 800 archipelago archipelagos in Myanmar. Eventually they reached the south of the island and set up shop there.

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