Myanmar Hot Photo

Burma Hot Photo

You can download the perfect myanmar pictures. Myanmar Gold, Ngwe Saung Picture: If most people think of hot air ballooning in Myanmar, pictures of colorful balloons rising above the temples of Bagan come to mind. Balloon over the plain of Bagan on foggy morning, Mandalay, Myanmar. Balloon rides are probably the best way to see all the temples at once.

Twenty-one photographs that prove that Myanmar is Asia's new mystical hot spot.

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is a country on the brink of making its epos known to the people. Away from the legendary pagodas and picturesque Inle Lake swimming gardens, Myanmar's wealth of variety and lofty secret makes it compelling. In the aftermath of the recent quake, which destroyed some of Bagan's old infrastructures, Myanmar's community is working together to rebuild and heal.

In addition to the Burmese, Myanmar has 135 indigenous groups, among them the Shan, the Mon, the Palaung and many others. Its innumerable civilizations and customs are reflected in people's way of living, their religious convictions and their delicious and abundant cuisines. Although there is not a single term or image that can be identified as the epitome of Myanmar, as almost 80% of the land is in the countryside - the true Myanmar is in the mountain tribal communities.

Myanmar has an architectural style that mirrors the country's buddhistic and colorful legacy, and is dotted with pagodas, buddhistic shrines in various genres ranging from hundreds of years to thousands of years of ancestry. There is much the rest of the oceans don't know about Myanmar and a wealth of treasures to explore. Yangon, the former capitol (also known as Rangoon), is a busy historical town with a delightful blend of English, Myanmar, Chinese as well as Hindi cuisine.

Beside the Buddhist pagodas there is a festival of cultural discoveries. The oldest Myanmar magical shwedagon is 99 metres high on a small mound in the town. Remarkable are the 2,500 year old Botataung and Chauk Htat Gyi Pagodas with one of the biggest lying Buddha pictures in Myanmar.

Get to know the legend of these breathtaking pagodas, explore the teachings of Buddhism and get to know the space travelers in Yangon. Bagan, in the centre of Myanmar and embedded between gentle slopes, with over 2000 buddhistic memorials stretching over 16 sq. m., is an unmissable sights. After being the first king's capitol from 1044 to 1287, the time of Bagan's fame is also recalled as the Myanmar's age of art.

Located on the Bagan Plain, the thousand and one thousand shrines are the most striking testimony to the dedication of Myanmar's peoples and sovereigns over the years. Cycling is a great way to enjoy the breathtaking mystique of Bagan. Take a quiet bath at the Inle-See, Myanmar's biggest fresh water bath.

900 metres above sealevel and a span of an imposing 13-mile distance, this tranquil highlands pond is a must. Along the shores of the pond there are charming towns, with pile dwellings by the waterside, populated by many different ethnic groups in the area. Intha are the pole inhabitants known for their oar.

Inle Lake's major attraction are the old-fashioned rowing vessels. The majority of cruises around Lake Inle begin in the city of NyaungShwe. Visit the local handicrafts stores and enjoy a homemade dish of shan noodle. It is an adventure that blends the heat of the intimate with the shine of the one-of-a-kind.

Myanmar's most important experience is the picturesque rail trip through the hilly North Shan state. Goteik Viaduct - Myanmar's highest rail road viaduct - has a height difference of 102 metres from rail to floor, and you can take this jaw-dropping trip to Pyin Oo Lwin's Colonies Hideout.

Shan peoples are spiritually, and every Shan settlement has a ghost town at the doors. When you are looking for alpine peoples, local traditions and cuisines, this is the place to be. At Kyaukme you will encounter the Palaung parish, the oldest alpine tribe in the area. Whether the famed Shan noodles or the Shan tofu (from chickpeas), the meal of these mountaineers is an memorable pleasure.

At Pyn Oo Lwin - Myanmar's highland city of flowers, you will be immersed in lush vegetation and scenic botanic parks. Myanmar's former capital, the best way to see it is to stroll through the labyrinth of roads, through the scenic handicraft stores, convents and cathedrals. The Mahamuni Sanctuary with its gold terrace rooftop, which houses one of Myanmar's most celebrated Buddha sculptures, the Kutha Daw Pagoda, the site of the world's greatest books, and the Mahagandayon Convent, where 1,000 nuns currently reside and are studying.

Amarapura's old royal capitol - or "city of immortality" - is a small rural hamlet that captivates us with the attractions and noises of the looms, the shops for silks and the local people who do their work. 1.2 km long, the U leg of the Taung Tha Man Lake is the longest and oldest wooden deck in the word, constructed of tea wood in 1850.

There is no better way to see genuine Myanmar countryside. Be it marveling at the Bagan Temple, walking through the alleys of Yangon, cruising Inle Lake or visiting the attractions of the countryside of northern Shan State, Rickshaw Travels provides a variety of genuine Myanmar destinations.

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