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The Rakhine panel provides space for experts "too hot to touch". Current and up-to-the-minute news about Myanmar's persecution. Nowadays you can find burgers, pizza and other signs of westernisation around the tourist hot spots. One Rohingya girl cries as refugees from Myanmar cross a stream in the hot sun. Aung Thu, Myanmar striker, is the youngest player to benefit from Thailand's new ASEAN player quota by joining Police Tero.


Group resolves to pay a definitive dividend of 0.25 Singapore cents per common stock. Net income for 2018 decreased by 25.7 percent to S$ 26.64 million, with sales down 6.6 percent to S$ 107.75 million. "We will further speed up the Group's expansion by expanding our core businesses and building a countrywide footprint in Myanmar," said Serge Pun, Yoma Strategic's Chief Operating Officer.

When you go

In the last year I was in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), a land that has only opened its gates to tourists in the last 5-10 years. Before that, the state was under severe armed domination. Travellers come to Myanmar and expect an "untouched" experience of Thailand or another Southeast Asian state.

But Myanmar is not like everyone else. Myanmar is located between India and China, and the influence of these two crops is most evident. Crossing Myanmar was an unparalleled delight. I cannot help thinking, however, that this is partly due to the fact that they have recently been welcoming visitors to their countries and are still very much inquisitive of outcasts.

Fisherman do a show for visitors at Lake Inle. Bulk travel is growing fast and Myanmar is evolving more quickly than ever. There were hardly any cash machines in the state five years ago. Today you can find burgers, pizzas and other symbols of westernisation around the touristic hot places.

I can only say that Myanmar is in the midst of great changes, for better or for inferior. Despite Myanmar's destiny, I still wish these photographs and the videomontage would show the beauties of this relatively unfamiliar area. It has so many different backgrounds - many of them just can't be found anywhere else.

Reuters reporters' attorneys ask Myanmar tribunal to reject case | News

Tang-solicitors for two Reuters journalists detained in Myanmar asked a tribunal on Wednesday to dismiss the case and said that there was not enough proof to back accusations against the couple, who are allegedly owning classified government documents. Since January, a Yangon tribunal has been conducting pre-trial investigations to determine whether Wa Lone, 31, and Kyaw Soe Oo, 28, are indicted under the Officials Secrets Act of the Colonies, which provides for a 14-year jail sentence.

Wednesday, defender Khin Maung Zaw submitted a request to overturn the case. On April 4, the North Yangon Regional Courts approved the request and approved the submission of the case by public attorneys and defence counsel. "Out of all the prosecution's testimony and cross-examination testimony, there was no evidence," Khin Maung Zaw said to the reporter after the trial.

"It is appropriate for the defenders to ask for the freeing at this time," he said, and added that there had been disagreements in the testimonies of some eyewitnesses. Senior Attorney Kyaw Min Aung evacuated the courthouse before Reuters could ask him later. He refused to talk to reporters at earlier interviews.

Spokespersons of the governments and the law enforcement agencies have refused to speak on the case, referring to the current legal process. During an August repression, the reporters had worked on a Reuters inquiry into the murder of 10 Muslim Rohingya men in a small town in Rakhine, West Burma, which sent almost 700,000 refugees to Bangladesh.

Telling family members that they were almost immediately apprehended after being curled up in a Yangon north Yangon restaurants by two cops they had not previously encountered, after being asked to see the officer for supper. However, prior cop testimonies have said that reports were held and raided at a road safety check point by officials who did not know they were investigators, and that they held documentation of the deployment of Rakhine forces.

While the trial was suspended, Wa Lone appealed to Myanmar's new US Prime Minister Win Myint, a strong coalition of Aung San Suu Kyi, the parliamentary election candidate on Wednesday. "Journals who are currently in Insein Jail want to tell the recently appointed presidents that we are now in Insein Jail because we have reported on news, we are on trial because we have found out the unfair things," he said to the reporter.

The Myanmar civil administration spokesperson received no response. Myanmar's UN envoy, Hau Do Suan, said last months that the reporters were not being detained for telling a tale, but charged with "illegally holding sensitive public documents". Older UN officers, West German nationals and supporters of free media have demanded the liberation of reporters.

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