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Investigate the border profile of India at Times of India. Check: The hot phase continues, because Wesley So rules the fast competition in Paris. View the latest news videos from Canada and around the world. Severe rain hinders the search for bodies from the crashed plane in Myanmar. In this section of the website you will find all the latest news about Savills from Myanmar.

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India-Myanmar frontier is a differentiated boundary created by India to close the 1,624 km long Myanmar frontier. The governments of both nations have declared their willingness to carry out a common poll before the construction of the gate. India's Interior Ministry and Burma's colleague concluded the investigation within six month and began to erect a perimeter wall along the Indian frontier in March 2003.

Ironically, the Indian/Myanmar frontier has a free movement regime (FMR) that allows indigenous peoples on the frontier to travel within 16 km of the off-limits zone without visas. Almost 250 towns with around 300,000 inhabitants within a 10 km distance of the frontier often pass the frontier.

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Myanmar landfire hospitalized byozens

Rangoon firefighters in Myanmar fought to extinguish a fire at a huge rubbish tip on the outskirts of their biggest town, Yangon, when foul-smelling fumes from the incinerating rubbish that pulled tens of wounded people into their second Saturday weeks. In Myanmar's trading centre, the fire has created a mist of mist and concern for the state.

Nearly one third of the 300 acres of landfills in Yangon's northerly harbor, Thar Yar. Approximately 600 fire fighters and safety personnel have been combating the fire since 21 April. During the fire has been controlled by the agencies, Myanmar Fire Department Assistant Warden Win Naing, Reuters, said it was hard to predict when it would be out.

Win Naing said that the cause of the fire had not yet been clarified. She was hospitalised twenty-six times and many suffer from poisoning. Burma has been seeking healthcare from the World Health Organization and other relief organizations, the state-run Global New Light of Myanmar said on Saturday. The Myanmar press criticised the government's sluggish reaction to what the head of the Yangon region, Phyo Min Thein, described as a "national problem".

This also illustrates the increasing rubbish problems in Yangon, a town of more than five million inhabitants without a long-term disposal system. This 17-year-old dump contains about half of the more than 2,500 tonnes of rubbish produced every day. "We' ve been dumping garbage like this for years. Age rubbish generates metane and causes fires," said Phyo Min Thein reporter.

The firemen described the challenge of fighting fire and fumes under burning temperatures without appropriate protection. "We can' t even see each other because of the smoke," said a fire chief, named Saw Naing Myint, who was admitted to the hospital for poisoning fumes. He was bursting into a tear when he described the climber's waste as "piled up like mountains".

The hardest hit were the inhabitants of Thar Yar Thar, one of Yangon's poorer neighbourhoods. It is home to ten thousand inhabitants in slums made of shantytowns made of wood and plastics who have no direct connection to power, flowing waters and canals. "The 65-year-old Tin Ohn, a diabetic inhabitant of Thar Yar who was also admitted to the hospital for poisoning fumes, said, "I am feeling horrible because I can't breath and my legs were puffy and still swell a little.

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