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Find out more about best practices, new solutions and offers. The Malaysian coach Ong Kim Swee warned his team when they won Myanmar striker Aung Thu in SEA Games Group A on Monday night. The spectators flee the Tazaungdaing Festival in Myanmar when the hot air balloon catches fire and shoots fireworks everywhere. The years of isolation have made Myanmar one of the few countries not affected by foreign trade. Featured Myanmar Hot News on Messenger.

Myanmar's business pledge faces perils

MYANMAR, wealthy with resources, is seen as a hot new line of trade as reform tempts investment, but with monetary distortion and a debris-based bank system, economists are warning that the recovery could be sluggish. Last weeks meetings of global economists in the capitol Nay Pyi Taw revealed that there was almost an infectious belief in the country's full power as it opens up after years of seclusion.

Apart from the abundance of indigenous nature, which includes petroleum and mineral sources, Myanmar has great opportunities to grow its tourist industries after years of boycotting the former state. It was once known as Asia's "rice bowl" because of its rich agronomy. However, for almost 50 years of straightforward political domination, the economy has made the land deep-poor.

However, as a new administration is implementing policy reform at a pace that has astounded analysts, many are hoping that it can seize its chances and take action on its strategy between China and India. Former general rule, which continues to be ruled by former general leaders, took office last year and has since been celebrated for reform such as the liberation of several hundred former detainees.

The West is now considering repealing imposition of imposition of economic measures to promote the enormous external interest increase. Myanmar's administration said in January that it intends to provide eight years of exemption for non-residents as a result of haste by non-resident corporations to establish links with the former CIA. To underline Myanmar's "high untapped GDP expansion potential", the IMF estimates that the country's GDP will grow by 5 percent in 2011-12.

However, he said that monetary reforms are a top of the agenda in a current almost 100-fold better informally traded state. Stiglitz shares this opinion, stressing the need "not only to unify currencies, but also to reduce the level of exchanges, which has a negative impact on the competitive position of their economy".

The Myanmar bank system is almost non-existent after a severe financial meltdown in 2003. Myanmar has the world's poorest jurisdictional system for doing good and, despite recent reform, has taken a five-year stance, according to a recent UK-based Maplecroft study. It also needs to professionalize its management, which is marked by a militaristic civilization and underqualified.

"In a way, the changes in politics have gone very well and history is now relatively well known," said Myanmar researcher Thant Myint-U. Provided the voting is seen as free and equitable, the countrys future will probably be remunerated by a further thaw in global trade and more FDI.

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