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Balloon ride over Bagan: Are you sure it's worth the money? Little experience of travelling competes with hot ballooning over Bagan. Featuring over 2,200 shrines and couples, there is no better way to experience the unbelievable story that stretches across the plain of Bagan. Ballons take off from the south side of the plain and take off over a section, follow the wind and promise some of the largest and best-known of them.

Even though the hotloons are relatively high, sunrises in combination with the never-ending view of the temple, grassland and other hot-air hotloons covering the skies is one of the most unbelievable sight. This approximately one-hour trip is appreciated by those who want to see a larger view of the vast plain of Bagan.

Afterwards, take your free moment to cycle or walk around the temple to get there. To have flown through the temple on the floor by bicycle and on feet is an adventure that is well rewarded to fly over the temple and pagoda in a hot-air-ballon. We offer one of the 8 scheduled airline services, which costs around 380 US dollars, with two different airlines, Eastern Ballooning and Balloons Over Bagan, which offer 8 to 16 scheduled airline services.

Fewer persons give you more space to move, relax and have the best possible view. Flies in November, there was no rains, the wind was weak and the weather was quite arid. Take our free Insider's Guide and explore the best of Myanmar with our free advice!

Ballooning in Myanmar: The best hot air balloon flights

The hot aeronautical industry began in Myanmar in 1998, when an interna-tional group of balloonists made their first visit to the state. There are three licenced airlines currently operating hot-air baloon services in Myanmar and routes have extended beyond Bagan to Inle Lake and Ngapali Beach. Below we describe the flying adventure from beginning to end and how to plan your hot aeroballon adventure in Myanmar.

A bird's view of the Bengal Gulf's blue water and the Rakhine Mountains. Ballooning operators offer joint transfer from the airport to the take-off site, a place chosen by the pilot each and every breakfast due to the daily winds. When we arrive, we will serve you a cup of afternoon teas, a cup of afternoon snacks and a cup of cake, while the entire preparation for the last time.

As soon as the hood is raised and raised, the passenger gets into the cage and the pilots give detailled security directions. After that the pilots fire the torches and the ballon gradually climbs into the skies, while the flight attendants say goodbye. A gentle ascent of the altitude, and as it towers above the tree line, a magnificent landscape emerges.

At the bottom of Lake Inle appear the swimming pools and lake dwellings of the people. While flying the glider the pilot changes altitude to capture the wind. It is not possible to steer the baloons as a vehicle can, so the pilots have to look for favourable winches to steer the baloon in the required directions.

If you dive deep, it doesn't seem uncommon for the local people to beckon the ballooning people. He will also comment on the following sequences, which will serve as some guidance. You will have a thorough understanding of Myanmar's territory, cultures and histories.

He also explains how to control the ballon. During touchdown the glider pilots look for a proper touchdown area with shallow areas and few obstructions. Whilst the glider is trying to place the glider softly on the bottom, there is often enough wind for the glider to make a few slight "jumps" over the bottom.

They will help to ensure that the balloons are secured so that the passengers can get out before the top is completely emptied. Pilots open a glass of bubbly or bubbly for a 18th century hot air-toaster. You will be offered a complimentary snack and each guest will receive a ticket to complete the adventure.

In Bagan the flight takes place from October to April. They are planned in Inle Lake and Ngapali from November to March. In the event of adverse meteorological events, last-minute departures are cancelled from times. Flight schedules are usually at dawn. They are available in different size, with the smallest 8 and the biggest 16 people.

Regardless of the ballon's dimensions, however, the design makes sure that the adventure remains the same. The shelves are arranged around a centre area where the glider operator is standing and controlling the torches. Before flying, it is important that the aircraft's passengers fill the correct amount of gasoline into the airplane. It will be calculated by the approximate flying timeframe and the cage weight.

Therefore, the pilot must know the weight of the passenger in advanced. Depending on the prevailing winds, the duration of the trip is 40-60 mins. Before and after the trip, the overall adventure takes about 3h in Bagan and Ngapali and up to 5h in Inle Lake. What do airfares run on?

Starting at $340 per passenger per day for traditional services and $390 per passenger for superior services. Myanmar's hot air carrier adheres to the latest global hot air certification standard, with all carriers having been licensed by UK airlines. They will be constructed by UK firms and maintained by a dedicated staff of professionals.

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