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Burma is a country in Southeast Asia that has become a popular destination for backpackers in recent years. Maps, photos and reviews of every hostel in Myanmar. Book cheap and great hostels in Myanmar online with no booking fees. It'?s the same in Myanmar!

The maternal and infant mortality rate in Myanmar remains among the highest in Southeast Asia.

Top hostels in Myanmar for individuals

Burma is an unbelievable land - the couples, peoples, landscapes, cuisine, and cultures make it one of the most dramatic in Southeast Asia. Unlike its neighbors, however, Myanmar does not have the tourist facilities to help the low-cost backpackers, as most accommodations only offer singles or doubles for $40 per person per city.

Not only does this make it hard to keep to a certain amount of money, it also makes it hard (but not impossible) to find other travelers and make acquaintances on the street. Anyone who travels alone knows that the simplest way to find companionship is to talk to a roommate, have a cup of tea in the lounge, or go to the inn nightclub to see other people.

I hope this will improve for Myanmar's tourist industries in the coming years, but I had to be content with what is currently available. It is good to know that there are some of the few hostels that have been built in recent years and Myanmar's warm welcome is one of the best in the country.

Whereever you are, you will be very welcome. The most pain-free way to travel is to always reserve my accomodation through our website. I' ve found it a long way to get to Myanmar, so finding a hotel once you get to the city is tiring and the best place to live is quick.

Rates are all in $USD, the payment option for hostels and hotel accommodation in Myanmar. Most hostels still choose to be payed in US dollars, but still accepts the Kyat locale language at a default exchange rates of 1300k per US$1 from 2017.

Located in the cultural, tourist and commercial area of Yangon, this well located youth Hostel is a lovely little place to get away from the commotion. I' ve been to the Bagan office of this group of hostels and whoever built these hostels knows exactly what backpack tourists are looking for.

Hostello Bello has free breakfasts, Myanmar garlic and cigar candies, boardgames, a check-in counter to help you make your onward journey, a roof-top dining area where you can enjoy a few Dagon beer in a convivial ambience, not to forget the evenings of gambling that brings the travelers together. There' s really nothing I can blame this inn for.

Baagan is exceedingly expensive, but a lodging is of sound value. The Lux cushion has a lush landscaped gardens to welcome travelers from all over the globe and a lovely second storey terrace for a gentle wind and coolness. but it was strongly encouraged by a travel companion (the inn I lived in was just lousy).

Free-of-charge, varied breakfast every day, friendly personnel, capsules bed (so everyone has their own capsules with loading station, lights and curtain) - and perfectly situated to come to the Red Mountain vineyard for tastings - that's the place I would have loved to stay overnight. The Ngapali beaches are full of resort and luxurious mansions - a place where the affluent people of Myanmar come to the game.

So, believe me, when I say you can't surpass the value of WEStay (which also has a few other hostels in its line in Myanmar). The youth hotel provides relaxation from the towns, routine and long coach trips so that you can relax and unwind on the Ngapali beaches.

HospitoolWorld is the only website I use for my hostels bookings and is the best way to find and reserve cheap accommodations.

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