Myanmar Honeymoon

Honeymoon in Myanmar

Custom honeymoon in Myanmar for every budget. Custom honeymoon according to your wishes. Myanmar is one of the best places in the world for a honeymoon with its idyllic surroundings. Phone Inside Burma Tours today for the perfect honeymoon! A Myanmar honeymoon allows you to enjoy your romantic moments in a perfect start to your marriage.

Burma is the hottest honeymoon you've ever thought of.

It is reasonable to accept a significant proportion of newlywed consider only one seaside resort for their honeymoon. Myanmar. However, remember that it is a mainly buddhistic land, so you will want to keep your feet and your feet covered when you travel. Though it is a relatively large nation, a visit to the trio of Yangon (the capital), Bagan and Inle Lake offers a powerful feeling for indigenous cultures and ample opportunities to enjoy unbelievable scenery.

Dive into the market or go shopping at the Pomelo store near the exquisite and private Rau Ram restaurants in Vietnam. Don't miss the gold moment at Shwedagon Pagoda, a range of dazzling light-colored gold-plated stupas as well as the temple that is the Buddha school' sanctuary of the town.

If you take a brief fly to Bagan, you will soon find that you have come to a completely different time. The Old Bagan is an old town and archeological area on the bank of the Ayeyarwady River, where more than 2,000 Buddha style couples - among them Buddhists who live in ruins, Stupa and other memorials - are spread out in luxuriant jungle areas.

It is an unbelievably entertaining place to be explored by bike (see Bagan Urban Adventures' Beyond Bagan Bike Tour, which is instructive and entertaining and involves having a meal at the feel-good Sanon Wellness Hotel, a gym for marginalised young locals) or by electric motorcycle. If you want to visit the impressive temple, wear a conservative outfit.

It is an iconical place for a hot-air flight, and if you look across the skies you can see the huge bombs soaring upwards. Soloons Over Bagan is an award-winning supplier, and although it is not inexpensive, it will make a permanent impressiv.

Sleep at the New Bagan Blue Bird Bureautique where you can enjoy a personal, intimate evening meal in a tranquil area.

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