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View photos, profile pictures and albums of Myanmar Home Design. Myanmar Times. Even if you want to try it at home, I found a great recipe online. The Yandabo Home offers accommodation in Yandabo. Celebrated photo tours & photo holidays in exotic Burma & Bali.

Photo tours in Myanmar, Asia

Some of the high points are We will take a walk in the early evenings after check-in and relax. Get on the tram and go to a small village fair in the midst of the rail! Dinner at a Burma's best café. Return to the motel for a break. At sundown, you can take pictures while the lights fade and the faithful are lighting several hundred lights.

It' nighttime for a cocktail, supper and a look at the pictures of the world. Who knows after supper? Some of the high points are Travel to Bagan, Nyaung U Square, explore the four thousand temple. Visit our lodge in the middle of Burma's most scenic area before going for it. An early supper and a photo session with a teacher for some useful feedbacks on your previous pictures.

Evening meal at the souvenir shop, followed by beverages. Some of the high points are As the sun rises over the Bagan Plains, experience the tranquillity of Myanmar's countryside in Min Nan Thu Village. We get up for a photo shoot before the sun rises for those who would rather keep to the floor. This is one of the most photoogenic places of interest in Myanmar while the hot air ballons are drifting over the temple and the fog is over the flat!

Go back to the motel for a cozy breakfasts and relaxation. The lunch is a tidbit, as we enjoy the ambience in one of the teahouses of the town. After that we drive to the farm land of Min Nah Thu Village to get an initiation into living in the countryside of Myanmar. In the afternoon we will have photo lessons in our hotels.

Supper at a restaurant in New Bagan. We will pass a tearoom for a portraiture class on the way from the Aiport. Checking in at our guesthouse before a tasty meal. Chill out, grab a beverage and take part in some one-to-one photographic instruction. When the night approaches, we leap into the public transportation to climb Mandalay Hill.

of Mandalay this evening. Some of the high points are Photograph the Mandalay garages and market, a cruise around the U Bein bridges at sundown. We start our walk through the town' s garages after a cosy breakfasts and a photocourse. Once we have stimulated our appetites, we go to one of Fruis favorite places for a delicious meal.

Evening supper will be a Mandalay festival at a typical restaurant. Some of the high points are Arrival at the Inle Lake Waters. Travel through a wonderful hilly landscape to get to our Nyaung Schwe hote. Checking in, having a meal and having a first look at live in the stilted village of Lake Inle on a long boat.

Return to the motel for the night beverages and a look at the pictures of the night, followed by supper. Some of the high points are Swimming in the Inle Sea and taking pictures of the resident fisher who is known for his'leg waxing'. This mornings we will be exploring Nyaungshwe with our cameraworks.

In the afternoon we board our personal yacht to take pictures of some of the studios and homes in the stilted camps. In the early evenings we will have the opportunity to take photos of the Intha and see her swimming garden of stripes of land underwater.

Recreational night in the motel and its surrounding area, followed by a meal and a look at the photos of the night. Some of the high points are Return to the lakefront restaurant for beverages and step-by-step instructions. Some of the high points are Closingorials, Yangon shop and an evenings photo festival! It will be a cosy forenoon with the possibility of visiting a regional vineyard or going to Nyaung Schwe for groceries.

Checking into our lodgings. At the end of the day, the pictures are presented over a few beverages in the motel before the goodbye-lunch.

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