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Continuing tensions in Myanmar have plunged thousands of people into a dangerous state. The Pomelo is a fair trade marketplace that supports social enterprises throughout Myanmar. The central part of Burma is home to some of the country's most important historical and cultural treasures. You are invited to experience the traditional life of Myanmar while making a difference: However, it should make it clear that ethnic cleansing of this magnitude is at the heart of its concerns.

Transformed pedestals make a stable home

The Myanmar Home Design Company will bring portable housing from modifi ed ship container to the area. "We began building prefabricated housing seven month ago. We' ve seen the Myanmar home design industry developing very quickly," Daw Than Tar Khaing, Myanmar Home Design Assistent Managers, said to the Myanmar Times. The Myanmar Home Design is aimed at expats who want to use their home and office as their primary school.

They said that the buildings will also be useful as retreat booths, swimming pools, class rooms, shops and even as take-away canteens. "To build a home is very costly because the cost of material and ground is increasing with time. This is the aim of the production of these portable buildings from specially designed container.

We are currently aiming at the domestic markets, but we also want to be exporting in the future," said Daw Than Tar Khaing. The Myanmar Home Design houses are made from high grade ship container certified for thermal and fire retardancy and will withstand harsh environmental condition, Mr. Lefebvre said.

There is a wide variety of design options for the portable homes, ranging from classic Myanmar aesthetics to post-modern furnishings. Mobility, durability, adaptability, thermal efficiency and safety, said Mr Lefebvre. Portable homes weigh an approximate 4.5 tons and can be placed on top of cement. Burma Home Design is now invested in new design.

Pricing of a detached home varies depending on the type of construction and use. An eight-foot, 20-foot simple home is expected to cost approximately K10 million (approximately US$11,621). It takes 70 naughty nights to get a simple home ready.

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It is a human rights problem, but your help can offer a complete and inclusive response to our Myanmar siblings. The IDPs are already being offered measures in the fields of healthcare, training and subsistence. The Ramadan lets your contributions be counted and gives them a home that transforms them from simple surviving into a worthy self-sufficiency.

You can make a difference. 200 pounds provides a portion of a residential unity in a shell area. The £800 provides two apartments for 2 family ('12 people'), 3,200 finances a residential complex with a home for 8 family ('48 people'), and 9,600 finances three apartment complexes with a home for 24 family ('144 people').....

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