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Yangon, Burma. The best modular construction quality made in Myanmar. Houses, offices and bungalows. Burma's Interior Ministry (Burmese: ??

?????????????????; abbreviated MOHA) manages Burma's internal affairs. Providing Healthcare & Healthy Living for the Elderly by Realizing the Potential of the Community in Myanmar.

It is a hard place to find shelter.

It is a hard place to find shelter. Understand the key issues and what to look for in our Myanmar apartment rental guides. There are 33 Yangon cities, so do you know where to concentrate your house-hunting? View the most beloved areas in Yangon to make a living for foreigners.

Served suites offer all the amenities of a house with the service of a resort.

Burmese migrant pilots prepare the way home in the pilots' homecoming

Myawady Borders Crossing, Myanmar - More than 70 displaced people have returned to Myanmar in safety on the first volunteer repatriation organised by the Thai and Myanmar authorities in over 30 years. At the beginning of this month, 71 people were displaced from the Thai refugee camp of Tham Hin and Nupo to Yangon, Tanintharyi, Kayin, Bago, Mon and Rakhine.

Our comeback from the Nupo Camps began early on Wednesday. In the morning 65 fugitives were pushing trolleys with pockets containing their secular belongings - mostly clothes and domestic objects, occasionally also bicycles and wheelchairs. There was a rescue kit to help them with their returns and first rehabilitation before they board a truck to take them on a five-hour trip to the Mae Sot-Myawaddy crossroad.

"I have waited years for the goverment to welcome us back. It' s about time, " said a beadle walnut salesman, who is travelling to the island of Myanmar with his family. This kind of misunderstanding was widespread among the returning people, who had faith in Myanmar's reform and insecurity about how they would fare in their own country.

He wants to establish a small company with the 15 certifications that he has obtained in the warehouse for training courses such as cookery, needlework, business and car-repairing. By the time the fugitives returned to Myanmar in the midday sun, many were worn out but obviously emotionally moved when civil servants greeted them at a manufacturing center in the frontier city of Myawaddy.

When 45-year-old grandma Ei Pay was awaiting transport home to Mae Pra in Kayin state, she announced that she and her husband had come to the area four month ago to begin growing veggies. You came back last week-end to accompany your 11-member large home group. Thant Zin Maung, a Yangon returning native, has phoned his older brother's wife, who is clearing a place for him in Myanmar's city.

"He said, "I sincerely wish that my woman will walk in five years, that my kids will be good in schools and that I will be able to succeed with the abilities I learned as a fugitive.

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