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MHD - Myanmar Home Design - specialises in the construction of high-quality, modular houses, offices and bungalows based on converted shipping containers. Thousands of temples spread across the plains of Bagan are the most impressive testimony to the religious devotion of the people of Myanmar. While Yangon's property prices continue to rise, many Myanmar citizens are slowly losing their dream of home ownership. Site Map - Contact - Hitachi Home Electronics in Myanmar - Contact - Sitemap. Provisional agreement reached on the return journey of Rohingya refugees.

<font color="#ffff00">DOWN-TOWN YANGON

This is the most favoured area in Yangon where expatriates are located. Whereas there are 33 cities in Yangon, most expatriates are living in the areas below. The area actually covers a number of different cities, but it is the area from 1 st next to Ahlone Township, which extends from southwest Yangon to southeast, where the road numbers are 70th and more.

The area includes the Yangon River and the Yangon River harbour areas of SeikKan, Lanmadaw, Latha, Pabedan, Kyauktada, Botataung and PazunDaung. It is the busiest and by far the most populous area in Yangon, but it is also the area with the most hotel, restaurant, bar and entertainments, while it also hosts the Sule Pagoda.

The apartment is very small in size, and the flats that are available are usually in the smaller one. Sule Shangri La Hotel is the luminous symbol of the city centre opposite the famous Sakura Tower. This is the most westerly of the city centre.

Although the area is historically an area of industry, there are more and more condominiums and residential areas on this side of the river that offer excellent accessibility to the citycenter. Indeed, the streets through Ahlone are often used as a ring road into the cities when the streets Pyay and Kabar Aye Pagoda are in use.

Indonesia and Japan are also here, so it is a favourite place for these nations, and there are also many messages like the messages of China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Laos, which are nearby, but only in the neighbouring community of Dagon. It is a very large community stretching from the Park Royal Hotel to Myanmar's most beloved Shwe Dagon Pagoda, People's Park / People's Square and Ahlone Townhip.

It is just a short walk to Shangri La Hotel, Sakura Tower, FMI Center and Bogyoke Aung San Market in downtown, and there are a number of bureaus in the immediate vicinity such as Prime Hill Business Square and La PyaeWun Plaza, which are staffed by multinational corporations.

Including the Royal Park in the centre, this area is probably the second largest after the Golden Valley in its appeal to young and old expats without children. Sanchaung is situated just above Ahlone Township and just westwards of Dagon and is a favourite place to live with good connections to the centre of Yangon and the city centre.

There are more and more eateries and pubs as well as the Dagon Shopping Center. It is one of Yangon's most demanding areas and contains the Golden Valley site, where some of the wealthiest real estate in Yangon is available. Because of its centrality, Bahan is probably one of the best places to stay in Yangon.

Sakura Residence on Inya Road is a well-known service company, as are the Golden Hill Towers in front of the Kabar Aye Pagoda Rd. It is 15-25 minutes from the city centre, there is good northern accessibility to Myanmar Plaza and Sedona Hotel, etc. and of course almost every Bahan to the southwest you can see the gorgeous Shwe Dagon Pagoda.

Bahan also has a good selection of places to eat and drink, especially along ShweGonDaing Road and around the Savoy Hotel on Inya Road, but nothing goes beyond Yangon's top food court along Sayasan Road, below New University Road. The Hledan Crossing, Hledan Center and Hledan Markets are located in the centre of Kamayut and near Hlaing.

It is a very attractive residential area, not only for shops, but also because of its close vicinity to Inya Lake and Yangon University. Further southwest is the development area around Junction Square Mall, which will become one of the most advanced places in Yangon with up-and-coming service flats, office space and even more shops.

In Hledan, the boys in Yangon "hang" and the crossroads can be blocked up to the hilt. As you drive up Insein Road to the west into the citieship there are more and more bars, cafes and bars to see. Situated to the northern side of Lake Inya, this Township offers a good number of accommodations for those who want to stay in the northern part of the country, with good accessibility to 8 and 9 miles and to the international airports and areas along the Parami Road.

There are several lovely restuarants along or off the Parami Road on the northern side of Lake Inya, ranging from Burma cuisine to Thai and Italian / Pizza. Another Township with some good living facilities, both flats and detached homes, which are cheaper than those in the Golden Valley.

Located above the municipality of Bahan on the eastern side of Lakes Inya, just South of Mayangone, near the Kabar Aye Pagoda Rd. which offers a nice view of Inya. Now there are some marvellous restaurants that also return to the pond, like L' Opera and L'Alchimiste, which really are located in a marvellous environment.

Yankin's centre is the Sedona Hotel, which has recently been somewhat muted by the vast Myanmar Plaza complex, which includes commercial centres, offices and the Mellia Hotel. The Yankin Centre also has good shops and other good places to eat along New University Road, making this area increasingly appealing to expats.

Just south of Bahan and down to KanDawGyi Lake and the famous Chatrium Hotel, this is another less expensive township, but be aware that the jams can be horrific. The Thuwanna State Stadium is located in Tamwe, where the Myanmar international team is playing many of their matches.

amwe has a few beautiful flats with a view of Lake KanDawGyi. It overlooks Lake KanDawGyi from well located residences such as Shangri La Residences, which are currently Yangon's first-class residential complex. Many of Myanmar's Muslims are living further down the southern coast of this township.

It' almost a different world from Yangon. Northwest of the Yangon River is home to the Pun Huing Gulf Estate, designed by one of Yangon's most renowned (and cleanest) Tycons, Serge Pun. Lovely green spaces and tree-lined roads, waterways, streams and lakes that draw on many of the free-standing accommodations in the vast complex, in various shapes and dimensions, and then, of course, there is the 18-hole course, the best in Yangon.

There is also an overseas hospital and probably one of the two most up-to-date overseas clinics in Yangon. There is a choice of service accommodation, condos and a wide range of contemporary homes, and due to the proximity to the centre of Yangon, the price of a very good quality item is slightly lower.

Condo's starting at $3,500, homes serviced around $4,500 and homes of $5,500 constructed modern and up depend on magnitude and amenities. The first is a grocery store just 10 minutes by car from the site, the other is a quick way to the center or city center of Yangon. In spite of a new over the Hlaing River you have to plan at least 1 hour to get to the city centre even in good weather, which can mean 1, 5 or 2 hrs in case of poor rain.

But this is really one of the few places in Yangon where you really get away from it all, relaxed and enjoying a large and internationally renowned residential area. It is another of Yangon's favorite complexes in the southeast, across the Bago River in Thanlin, a townhip on the way to the Thilawa Special Economic Zone, the largest industry zone in the Yangon region.

The Star City is another project developed by Serge Pun Associates (SPA), funded by the YOMA Group, the Serge Pun Group. Whilst not as high-end as Pun Alaing Golf Estate, Star City is a low-cost resort that has everything but an overseas clinic and great accessibility to the main and lower city of Yangon.

Whilst not quite the sumptuous surroundings of Pun Hlaing, Star City is the centre of all of Pun Hlaing's overseas sports clubs, and also has a 9-hole, well-maintained course. This is a great deal and one of the main reason why Star City is so much loved by the family.

Besides a large swimming pools, there are also 5-6 diners, a supermarket and an internationally renowned language schools, all in the immediate vicinity. It can take 50-60 min or longer to get to downtown, and it can be difficult to get to Bahan and the far western part of the capital when driving through traffic jams in Tamwe and other areas.

But Star City is the other place you can go to to avoid the hardships of the crowded Yangon City.

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