Myanmar Holidays 2016

Burma Holidays 2016

Note: If the holiday is Saturday or Sunday, it is not replaced by another working day. Burma 2016 Holidays and National Holidays. Burma Bank Holiday 2016 4 Jan Mon Independence Day 9 Jan Sat Kayin New Year 12 Feb Fri Union Day 2 Mar Wed Farmer's Day 22 Mar Tue Full Moon. Businessmen, trade, bank holidays, stock market holidays, international travellers in Myanmar. Vacation and Holidays Act, 1951 (No.


Burma (formerly Burma) Bank and Public Holidays News Update

Myanmar's Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security has published a further change to its previously published 2008 schedule of Myanmar's 2016 holidays, which corrects the date of the forthcoming full moon day of Waso (the beginning of Buddhist Lent).

Approximately a year ago (04-Apr-2015), the Myanmar Foreign Ministry published its 2008 schedule of Myanmar's next year' formal holidays, the main points of these year' s notices ((03-Nov-2014), 01-Nov-2013, 18-Dec-2012, 19-Oct-2011 and 21-Sep-2010) are the non-working full moon holidays, the prolongation or not the Burmese New Year holidays and the always strangely happening Kayin New Year holidays.

Since the Myanmar Calendar Advisory Board ruled that the year 1377 would be a big watt year (leap months and days ) in contrast to a small watt (only months) almost 2 years ago (03-Nov-2014), Myanmar's government has had difficulty getting back on course, with mistakes in the first announcements of the 2016 holidays in Myanmar (04-Apr-2015) and successive changes to the previously published 2016 holidays in Myanmar (13-Nov-2015).

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Holidays in Myanmar 2015

The Union of Myanmar Travellers Associations (UMTA) was founded under the auspices of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism in 2002 and is the most important organization founded with the express aim of promoting Myanmar as a leading tourist location for travellers, tourist agents, promoters and companies.

In the years 2015 - 2016 we have over 500 members (most of them are travel agencies and others; hotel, airline and tourist companies). At ITB Asia 2015, the Myanmar Pavilion will be organised by EMTA and will be attended by a total of eight member companies:

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