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Burma Holidays

We' re delighted to offer you this unique opportunity to join Karin Hellaby on our first textile holiday in magical Burma (now known as Myanmar). The Myanmar Private Holidays (MPH) is an amazing collection of destinations, landscapes famous throughout the country. Burma Holidays, discover a truly unexplored destination where Myanmar is full of secrets and beauty during your holiday. Veiled and hidden for many years, Myanmar is a strange mystery to outsiders. The national holiday is a holiday in Myanmar.

Burma Vacation 2018 / 2019

Myanmar, still known to many as Burma, is affectionately called "the Golden Land" because of the frequent use of golden leaves in churches and chests. Yangon's Majestic Gilded Swedishagon Pagoda, the amazing Bagan ruined sanctuaries and the mysticism of Mandalay are just a few of the singular train numbers that receive enthusiastic critics and repeated visitors from those entering Myanmar's well-guarded boundaries.

The country is bordered by India to the west, China to the North and Thailand and Laos to the E... Burma has only recently entered the global tourist landscape because of its domestic policy, but the beautiful sandy shores, unbelievable historic sites, snow-capped hills and wild jungles have already caught on.

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Why is Burma (Myanmar) so unique? A holiday in Burma (Myanmar) gives the tourist the opportunity to enjoy a captivating ethnical variety, a scenery from the Indian Ocean to the high Himalayas and a breathtaking wealth of golden plated churches and monument. Burma has perhaps some of the greatest attractions of all destinations, from the main attractions of the pulsating Yangon (Rangoon) and the inspiring Mandalay to the tranquil Inle Lake, where fishers live a traditionally life in the water.

Myanmar has a vast number of tourists who want to help the population. Burma has some of the greatest attractions of all destinations with its intriguing ethnical variety, a scenery that stretches from the Indian Ocean to the high Himalayas and a breathtaking wealth of gold-plated churches and memorials.

Performed in the Sunday Times '100 Best Holidays in the World' descents: An extensive Burmese culture trip that visits places on and off the well-trodden paths. Discover the beautiful Kayin State with its countless, little frequented caverns and wards. Discover tranquil Inle Lake and the evocative Bagan Plains temple.

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