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There are thousands of great holiday deals to choose from in Myanmar. Locate the latest free and easy, customized or personalized travel packages and download the Singapore to Myanmar itinerary. Treasure Travel & Tours' goal is to develop Myanmar as an exotic destination in Asia. Burma, also known as Burma, is a unique country strongly influenced by Buddhism. Discover the beauty of Myanmar with WTS Travel!

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Earlier known as Burma, Myanmar is a wonderful treasury of untouched countryside, magnificent antique places of worship, the powerful Ayeyarwady River, mystical cavern peaks and wonderful sands. After years of unapproachability, Myanmar has recently opened its gates to people who are starving for new experience. Tempel appear at almost every corner, especially in Bagan, where thousand of antique shrines and palagodas are scattered over a vast, overgrown area.

Myanmar's culture center is Mandalay, full of artisan businesses and tree-lined cloisters. Another time you will see the 150 year old U Bein-Teakbridge, constructed in 1851, for an astonishing sundown. The Inle Lake is a great place to experience a one-of-a-kind way of life. It has no tumultuous beach pubs and no masses of people, all that is offered is untouched natural beauties, tranquillity and pure whiteness, washed by dark green waters that extend as far as the eyes can see.

Cruising on the rivers is a great way to see daily activities, animals and fascinating landscapes, and a wide range of boat trips on rivers offers a relaxing way to explore this fascinating country. Classy ships offering a choice of Ayeyarwaddy and smaller tributary rivers, which visit churches, couples, palaces and cloisters.

Myanmar's towns are not the same as neighboring capital city in Asia, but there are still bars. They are a great place to just take a quick bite to eat, get together with the local people and enjoy the city. About Myanmar?

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Burma is one of the most enigmatic and unexplored travel sites in the whole wide globe, and offers all the delicacies of Asia in one land. There is a wealthy and lively culture and a great deal of nature and great architectural work. Burma is also known as a traveler' s paradise with a wealth of culture, with an unparalleled surrounding of snow-capped hills, gorgeous seas, long streams, luxuriant rainforests, pristine shores and islets.

It is definitely for travellers who want to immerse themselves in the Myanmar people's cultures, histories and everyday world. Excursion begins in the former capitol Yangon..... The programme will have a great opportunity to see the main attractions in Myanmar and a trip around the Beautiful Hill Resort in Kalaw Area and memorable experiences in.....

An impressive Myanmar sightseeing route offers you the opportunity to discover the former Yangon, the former capitol, the beautiful garden city with its mixture of gold peagodas and..... Start of a 15-day journey from Yangon, a former Myanmar capitol, on to Bagan - the most beautiful archaeological site of 2000 peagodas, Mandalay - the.....

The Best of Myanmar connects the most attractive Myanmar sights within 10 short get-togethers with the scenic, cultural and..... This is a 5 -day excursion to the best tourist destinations in Myanmar: the former Yangon metropolis, the old town of Bagan and the second.....

In 12 and a half day our Essential Myanmar Tours will take you to any place in this land, in the whole wide globe where pristine nature and unbelievable natural.... Featuring a mythical note to the UNESCO legacy of Bagan, Myanmar's beautiful Buddhist pagodas, the local handicrafts.....

Burma - The Myanmar lands of mystery cover the beauties of a primeval Orient with a thousand buddhistic shrines, beautiful palaces, unspoilt sandy shores and mystical tropic..... A 5 day trip to the best travel destination in Myanmar. Begin your trip in Yangon - the former Myanmar capitol - and then drive to Bagan - the first imperium....

In 12 get-togethers in Myanmar, the land of Buddhist temples and Buddha pictures, you will fully experience the festivity of this land with our Myanmar Panorama Tour. In a fortnight, Myanmar, the land of Buddhist temples and Buddha pictures, you will fully experience the festivity of this land with our Myanmar Discovery Tours.

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