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Myanmar offers a wide range of Myanmar holiday packages. View our tailor-made Myanmar travel packages from a Yangon-based travel agency in Myanmar. There are several tours to enjoy the sights of Myanmar. Burma, also known as Burma, has recently opened its doors to international golfers. Myanmar travel is a low risk, but it is best to leave your valuables at home.

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Myanmar (formerly Burma) is a place like no other - a little bit unfamiliar and a little bit misterious. Accompany us on our small group trip through this tropical landscape, explore the hectic pace of Yangon, discover the tropical Mandalay and visit the mystic Bagan.

Tours for small groups: Cruises & Tour: This is for several reason, all of which make sure that you have a better vacation and get the best possible value. We negotiate our travel offers in large volumes, securing preferential wholesaling rates with the world's toplines. They have researched for you to make sure you're in the right place at the right moment - so you don't miss a second.

Aircraft cloud cover, flight cancellations and flight plan changes are an unhappy part of today's world. We offer flexible fares that allow you to prolong your trip, leave other towns or even switch your flight to Business or First Class.

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Trip limitations and regulations are in force. Rates are per HKD per capita, excluding tax & depending on availabilty. The rates for "holiday packages" only count if two persons are traveling together, unless otherwise indicated. Pricing is accurate at the date of release and is subject as is. Please consult your Flight Center representative for full details.

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Burma is a breathtaking land, a mixture of culture, landscape and breathtaking archeology. There' s really a lot to do on a journey to Burma (Myanmar). Yangoon, the capitol, the quiet golden sand of Ngapali. Farther northerly lies the beautiful Inle Lake, where the ethnical Intha live.

Bagan's Buddhist monasteries are impressive, as is the last imperial city of Mandalay; these are just a few of the high points; in the far northern part of the island you will cross the border with India and China and the Burmese Himalayas!

Full of cultural and new adventures awaiting you, China is the perfect vacation destination, whether you enjoy the sea on one of its renowned sandy shores or jungles hiking or Bamboos canoeing.

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