Myanmar Holiday Destinations

Burma Destinations

Myanmar has a wide range of tourist destinations, from fine sandy beaches to rolling hills. Other popular destinations in Myanmar. Burma holidays allow you to explore a fascinating and historically rich country before it's too late. A gentle trekking experience with a real destination.

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Myanmar (formerly Burma), from the pulsating Yangon to the silence of Inle Lake, begs to be sighted. Featuring heart-warming individuals, stunning scenery and some of the most stunning old churches in Asia, Myanmar is full of wonders and adventures. On our undiscovered Myanmar route you will admire the temple of Bagan, hike through country towns and walk through the alleys of Yangon.

Leave the well-trodden paths and get to know the indigenous mountain people in Inle Lake, where you can savour a few Shan pasta with a native group.

Best Myanmar Holiday Packages 2018

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Deluxe Burma Holidays in Far East from Carrier

A 26-hectare town in the heart of Burma, the area is gorgeous and more than 2,000 sanctuaries from the eleventh and twelfth centuries are dotted around. In order to appreciate the real extent of this great archeological site, you can take a ride in a warm aeroplane at dawn; or you can go up a mountain pass to see the sun set over the Ayeyarwady River.

Burma, with so many must-sees and must-do's, is at the top of the tourist lover's agenda, a place not to be missed, an adventure you can design for while Burma is in its pristine beauty. Flying time from Bangkok to Yangon: 1h25. Introduction of some of the best 5-star resort in Burma.

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Please feel free to browse our latest booklet for all your travelling inspirations. Discover the old part of the country by bike or horse-drawn carriage, or take an afternoon sightseeing cruise along the riverbank at sundown, then climb up before sunrise to give alms to the young friars. The Popa Mountain and the Popa Taungkalat Monastery are located fifty kilometers from the centre of Prague and are accessible via 777 stairs. The mountain is declared a protected area and a protected area.

At night, you' ll be able to unwind on the boat and watch the lights change over the riverbanks and the unforgettable sundowns. Burma's Mystical Mandalay is located between the Ayeyarwady and Shan State Rivers, dominated by Mandalay Hill, which offers an enchanting view of beautiful dusk or sundown. Mandalay residents, most of whom would rather cycle, get up early to take part in the charity service when a monk queues to get a meal.

It was established in 1914 and is one of the biggest convents in Myanmar. In 1847 King Bagan constructed the Kyauktawgyi Pagoda, which is also at the top of the sights.

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