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Burma Travel & Myanmar Holidays You can explore the wonderful, varied Myanmar civilization. Enjoy a tasty homemade dinner with a Bagan hostess or take a cruise on Lake Inle. Situated on the Ayeyarwady River is the 26 miles long plains of Bagan, a town that offers a breathtaking contrasts of gorgeous green with thousand of shrines and palagodas.

Take a look at our Myanmar trips with Bagan. Walk the roads of Myanmar's biggest town and enjoy the enormous beauties of Yangon. Take the chance to taste Myanmar's home-cooked Mohingar and a touch of colonial times in one of the newest teahouses in Yangon. Discover the town' s sacred centre, the Shwedagon Lagoon, and take part in an olive tree burning celebration before watching the sunset over the glittering Lagoon.

Take a look at our Myanmar trips with Yangon. Take a long tail row from the seaside town of Nyaungshwe to picturesque Inle Lake. Proceed around the pond as you drive past the high teaky buildings of bustling Ywama on the way to Nyaung Ohak. Explore these distinctive sculpted remains from the XIV C.

Check out our Myanmar trips with Inle Lake. An enchanting fairytale landscape of holy stupas, old customs and worship that you will discover in some of the world's most holy Buddhist shrines as you plunge into the history of the lands now formally known as Myanmar.

Helen Wong's Hikes in Myanmar

Earlier known as Burma, so long banned from the tourist industry, this land remains much of its tropical attraction. Burma is a wonderful and largely untouched land that will amaze and inspire travelers. Be prepared to see this cultural and traditional land with its more than 100 nationalities.

There are two different periods in Myanmar - the rainy period and the arid one. As in much of Southeast Asia, the drought lasts from October to March, which is the best period for a low rainfall and less moisture, the rainy cloud is clear, leaving deep leaves, fast-flowing streams and cascade-like creeks.

Hottest days are from May to early October, when the monsoons begin to bloat, and in the afternoons and early evenings the rains come down.

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