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Learn about the best golf courses in Myanmar. Inexpensive holidays in Myanmar Burma is a magic but little explored vacation area. Myanmar, with its wealth of heritage and tradition, is home to a variety of China's sanctuaries, Buddha Schools, and gold-plated pilasters. Scubadiving, walking, river canoeing, biking and ballooning are some of the favourite things to enjoy in this beautiful area.

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In southern Burma lies the city of Yangon, home to the gleaming Shwedagon Pagoda. Discover stunning Bagan and ascend Mt Popa, then northbound to Mandalay, Legaing Sanctuaries, Inwa and Amarapura - the site of U Bein's Bridge. You can take the train from Mandalay to Maymyo and Hsipaw, cross the Goitek Viaduct or Pindaya, Kalaw and Inle Lake with its stilted towns and quays.

The best way to reach isolated North Burma is via the Irrawaddy or the little studied Chindwin, while Keng Tung, near the Thai frontier, is home to picturesque minorities' camps.

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The great Myanmar must be seen to be thought it is a trip to another time. Relatively new to the tourist industry, Myanmar has not yet been spotted as a jewel and traveling here is a pleasure. Stuffed with gold-plated coupons, Buddha sculptures, nice characters, nice landscapes and more - Myanmar is a top target in our catalog.

Myanmar offers small group and private trips to Myanmar - see a choice below. Myanmar Tailor Made Travel is also our speciality - you tell us where you want to go and we will organize a very unique vacation for you.

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Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, provides an memorable experience for the whole Burmese people. Guidebook: Myanmar is a great place to go on a great adventurous journey for the fearless Myanmar people. Lake Inle is littered with waggon towns, swimming pools and buddhistic shrines. Ngapali, a fishermen's town, is a great place to rest at the end of your vacation, with clear water and sand.

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