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Burma evisa for Hong Kong citizens. The majority of foreign passport holders can travel to Hong Kong without a visa. Hongkong Visa Service for Myanmar citizens residing in Singapore. Visa requirements for China/Hong Konger, application. Myanmar Consulate General in Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Visa Myanmar Visa

Myanmar Visa (Myanmar Visa on arrival) for touristic or commercial use:. is available on-line for both touristic and non-turbo:: e-Visa is valid for 90 from the date of issuance and allows a period of up to 28 or 70 nights for travellers and businesspassen! A new visa is required for re-entry.

Once filed, the e-visa handling charge is non-refundable and does not depend on the issuance or refusal of the e-visa. Hong Kong Myanmar Visa requirement In order to obtain the Myanmar e-Visa, Hong Kong nationals need the following information before applying:

In addition, all of the following documentation is needed for the Business eVisa: The e-visa will be handled and delivered to the traveller by e-mail. By the time US nationals arrive in Myanmar, they must have biometrics recorded at the port of arrival and their passports will be postmarked.

Myanmar Evisa) in good timeframe or even sooner than foreseen. It is our excellent customer support to help our customers find the right ones: - 3 working hours for standard or 2 working for URGENT or - 1 working for SUPER URGENT or - 5 working hours for SUPER URGENT or - even 1 working hours for SUPER URGENT or SUPER URGENT products.

This is why our services are different from other suppliers who generally offer an emergency 1 working hours per week rate, which can be deducted from the services that claimants should take. The good thing is that the Myanmar e-Visa visa request (or visa upon arrival) for Hong Kong residents is 100% on-line.

  • Upon arriving in Myanmar Checkpoint, present the eVisa Permit Letters and Passports to the immigrant official and have your passports postmarked. Join us in Myanmar and have fun! The Myanmar e-Visa is now available for travel through 3 international airports and 3 identified Land Checkingpoint Borders (see table).

Foreigners may, however, leave any of the Authorised Migration Cheque Posts in Myanmar. We offer a high level of comfort, safety and reliability. - Before filing with Myanmar Migration Office, visa verification and corrections by visa professionals. - A simpler job applications procedure. - Mail recovery of your eVisa in case of accident.

When you need a fast visa for Myanmar, please click on the below mentioned buttons to get your Myanmar e-visa.

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