Myanmar History and Geography

History and Geography of Myanmar

Myanmar's topography has mountainous regions on the edge of Myanmar, especially in the north. Between Bangladesh and Thailand, Southeast Asia, bordering the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Would you like to know more about the geography of Myanmar? Ancient Myanmar and its global connections. but cursed by the history of Myanmar:

Myanmar Geographic Characteristics

Burma has an area of 671,000 square kilometers (260,000 square meters). It' s 936 km (580 ml) from east to west and 2051 km (1274 ml) from east to south. Myanmar's landscape has mountain areas on the edge of Myanmar, especially in the northern part. There are snowy peaks in the northern part.

We have mountain chains in the western part which run from south to north and are known as Rakhine Range. Mountains fall off and become a flat plain, the shores on the western shore. Situated in the northernmost state of Kachin, May Kha and Malikha, the two streams offer stunning views as the river meets the Ayeyarwaddy River.

Ayeyarwaddy River Valley is located throughout the countryside from east to west. Ayeyarwaddy River runs southwards and confluences with Chindwin River, which runs from the western flank. It confluences the central basin of Myanmar. In the end, to the southern side, the Ayeyarwaddy turns into the tributary of the Ayeyarwaddy deltas, where Myanmar's largest town, Yangon, is located.

The Sittaung River runs in the Middle East of Myanmar alongside the Ayeyarwaddy River and joins the Gulf of Mataban to the east. Thanlwin River traverses almost the whole length of Myanmar from north to south. Sanlwin River is deeply ingrained in China and runs from N to S in Myanmar.

The river runs along the Sittaung River more from the east side of the land and ends in the Gulf of Mataban. The coastline of Myanmar is very long to have many beautiful sandy areas.

Myanmar's geography

Between Bangladesh and Thailand, with India and China in the northern part, Myanmar stretches over an area of about 675,000 square kilometers. Yangon is the main town and the main trading centre is Mandalay in the centre of Myanmar. There are two classification systems in the land itself: Lower and Upper Myanmar.

Untermyanmar consists of coastline areas with dense exotic woods in which precious species of tree grow (teak, olive and wood), with Obermyanmar forming the inland. An important topographic characteristic of Myanmar is the Irrawaddy River System. Hakabo Razi, at 5,881 metres the highest summit in Southeast Asia, is in Myanmar.

The Arakan Yoma Series, a border between India and Myanmar, has spikes ranging from 915 meters (3,000 ft) to 1,525 meters (5,000 ft). Nearly half of Myanmar is occupied by woods consisting of tea, gum, cinchona, acasia, bamboos, ironwood, mangroves, coconuts, palms and northerly highland of oaks, pines and many species of rhododendrons.

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