Myanmar Hindu Population

The Myanmar Hindu population

The recently called Muslims and Hindus "associated citizens". The GAD report also avoids mentioning burnt Rakhine and Hindu villages. Hindu practitioners as a percentage of the population: Hindus mass graves killed by Rohingya fighters claim Myanmar's military. Hindoos make up less than one percent of the population of Rakhine.

Hindu refugees from Myanmar are hoping for refuge in Modi's India

Almost 500 are housed in a vacated poultry ranch in a Hindu village in southeastern Bangladesh, a few leagues from where most of the 421,000 Rohingya Muslims, who have also been fleeing the Myanmar assault since 25 August, live in temporary shelters. Hindu returnees say they are afraid to return to their communities in Myanmar's restless Rakhine state, but also shy away from remaining in mostly Muslim Bangladesh.

Modi's administration makes it easy for Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and other Bangladeshi and Pakistani minority groups to obtain Indian nationalities. "India is also known as Hindustan, the country of the Hindus," said Niranjan Rudra, who sat on a piece of plastics in the poultry ranch, surrounded by his woman, who wore a large scarlet cinnabar on her brow, characteristic of Hindu wives who were wed.

"We just want a quiet existence in India, not much. This may not be available in Myanmar or here," he said. Refugee colleagues blinked in consensual nod and explained that they wanted to pass the embassy on to the Israeli authorities via the press. India's leaders refused to discuss the Hindu refugees' aspirations.

While the Supreme Court is hearing an objection to the Interior Ministry's plan to expel some 40,000 Rohingya Muslims from the state, a federal agency said it is in a wait. However Achintya Biswa, a high-ranking member of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), or the World Hindu Council, which has strong links with the ideologically parents of Modi's governing political group, said India is the Hindus' obvious target when they flee Myanmar.

Bistwas said that the VHP and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the governing body of Modi's governing political group, would present the Interior Department with a refugee reporting and call for a new policies that would allow Hindus from Myanmar and Bangladesh to apply for refuge in India. Hinduists, who are the foundation of Modi's assistance, have long thought that India is home to all Hindus.

In New Delhi, a high-ranking officer of the Interior Department said on an anonymous basis that no Hindu in Myanmar or Bangladesh affected by the assault had contacted the Hindu people. In Myanmar and Bangladesh, the Hindus are a small but long-standing group. Riyadh and other Hindu returnees said they escaped shortly after the Rohingya rebels assaulted 30 Myanmar policing stations, provoking a violent counter-offensive.

Right-watchers and refugees Rohingya have since said that the military and the Buddhist Rakhine militia have launched an incendiary drive to drive out the Muslims and leave many towns in the north of Rakhine empty. "Our Myanmar community was encircled by several hundred men in dark coats on the mornings of 25 August," said Veena Sheel, a mom of two children whose husbands work in Malaysia.

The next morning in Bangladesh, she went away with eight other wives and their family to walk for two of them. She is also planning to cut the length of time that Hindus, Christians and other minority groups from these lands must have been living in India in order to obtain nationality through naturalisation by half to six years.

Secondary India will not find it simple to agree to the demands of Myanmar's Hindu refugees, while the regime is pressing for the Rohingya Muslims to be deported. Modi's administration has already been criticised by campaigners for not opposing Myanmar's armed attack and charged with denigrating the Rohingya in the land in order to obtain judicial approval for their deportations.

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